Worry You’re Not Good Enough in Leadership?

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Worry You’re Not Good Enough in Leadership?

Worry You're Not Good Enough in Leadership? Dr. Geneva WilliamsWorry You’re Not Good Enough?

In leadership, sometimes you may wonder if you are good enough. It doesn’t matter what you’re setting out to do. When this particular worry creeps into your head, it can spoil everything. What can you do when you feel like you’re just not good enough to make the cut?

Here’s what leaders can do to not worry if you’re good enough:

Quit Comparing

The first problem of worrying you aren’t good enough is that it urges you to compare yourself to other leaders. This is a scarcity mindset because it assumes that there isn’t enough to go around, no matter what it is you want. Just because another leader has what you want doesn’t mean you can’t have it as well.


It’s easy to worry the other leader is better than you when you don’t even know him or her. Take some time to get to know the leaders you admire. By connecting with others, we see them for who they really are, flaws and all. Only then will you recognize we’re all the same, with no one person better than another—we each have strengths and weaknesses.

Drop “Should”

…along with a lot of other related words. You’re always going to worry you’re not good enough when you hold yourself up to an impossible standard. The danger signs this is happening are found right in the language you’re using: should, ought, or any variation thereof.

Realize Nothing Good Ever Comes Out of Hate

Worrying you aren’t good enough erodes your self-confidence so that you discount your past accomplishments. Once you’re down like this, it’s very easy to become trapped there. How can you expect anyone to love you if you don’t love yourself and believe you’re worthless? Remember, what we focus on expands. If you go around thinking you’re not good enough, others will tend to respond to you that way. It can quickly become a self-fulfilling prophecy. 

Be You

In the end, the best way to defeat this worry about being good enough is to be yourself simply. No one needs another clone of whatever leader is famous in the moment. It’s always better to embrace the uniquely wonderful person you are. Take the time and effort to learn to love and appreciate yourself. This is the best way to start feeling, thinking, and behaving as if you are good enough as a leader!


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