What is the Purpose of MLK Day? Listen to Dr. Geneva’s Take on the Martin Luther King Jr Holiday in America

What is the Purpose of MLK Day? Listen to Dr. Geneva’s Take on the Martin Luther King Jr Holiday in America

For unto each of us is given a bag of tools,

A lump of clay, and a book of rules . . .

And it is left up to each of us to decide whether we shall become a stumbling block or in the realization of our dreams… a stepping stone …

This is a Solo Show with Dr. Geneva Williams….

As this nation prepares for the changing of the guards of leadership in Washington of these United States of America, this day as we celebrate the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., his message is more important than ever before. Though etched in a moment in time by one of this nation’s great leaders, Dr. King’s message is timeless. It still pulls us. Calls us higher. Makes us sit down and examine ourselves and what we are doing to become what that one man once dared to dreamed.

Dr. Martin Luther King spoke famously, openly, candidly about his dreams. Boldly, he revealed his heart’s deepest desires with a world that did not care nor share his same vision. He gave us words that inspired and sprouted hope. Words that even today, years after their delivery, continue to echo throughout the world – unfolding from tongues that live to create, to craft, to carve out that same dream that Reverend King had.

Today, Dr. King’s dream is part of the larger American dream – a dream that encompasses his vision for peace, along with a modern vision of prosperity and happiness for us all.   Hear the entire show and share it with others. http://drgenevaspeaks.com

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