What if A Daily 10 Minute Pause Could Extend Your Life?

What if A Daily 10 Minute Pause Could Extend Your Life?

Pause. If pausing for 10 minutes every day could increase your life expectancy, how will you spend it?

Just stay there, don’t move, and breathe in.

Please close your eyes for a minute, and then open them. Were you able to do that without any interruptions?

We live in a world where everything seems to be fast forward; at the pace, we are going we will all disintegrate if we don’t learn the art of pausing to reset our systems.

Pausing and Life Expectancydr geneva williams

Our life expectancy depends on many things revolving around us, but most importantly, it depends on the time we take to pause and take care of our self.

The question is, when do we pause?

When is the right time to take a break, and focus on self-care? What are the self-care tips that you can perform for 10 minutes every day to increase your life expectancy?

Now that you are focused let’s get started.

The wakeup call – time to pause

We never know when to stop; we have developed this mentality that we have to achieve a certain status before we can throw in the towel. However, we have also forgotten that our plans for tomorrow only end today as tomorrow isn’t a guarantee.

You should know when to pause –

• When you feel unusually tired, even in a relaxed environment.
• When the job you love is becoming a burden.
• When you feel the day dragging you back.
• When you are obligated to serve others forgetting your self.
• When the present is more important than the future.

Pause when you are not feeling right and when it doesn’t enhance you. So as you do this, what should you do?

Science has shown that just 10 minutes dedicated to YOU, for YOU every day will increase your life expectancy.

Here are 10 minute pausing activities to increase your life expectancy

Don’t rush out of bed, get out of bed

This sounds confusing, but this is it. For working class people, we have no time for our self in the mornings because we are always late, and in a hurry to get things done.

Next time, wake up, sit up or kneel whichever is suitable for you and take 10 minutes to be silent, appreciate life and think about the day.

Take care of yourself

Eat healthily, brush your teeth, floss before bed, bath twice a day – have a grooming schedule that you must indulge in. it doesn’t take much – just 10 minutes


We have seen men and women in their 60s, 70s, 80s, and even 90s breaking the stereotype and exercising like young people.

What will it take to exercise, just 10 minutes? When you are free, instead of sitting inside, take a walk around the neighborhood, and say hello.

Create more fun time with your partner

Our loved ones will not always be around, so enjoy it while it last. Just 10 minutes to take a break and give some love to yourself and partner is all that matter.

Do you think 10 minutes is too much to show self-care? Please try to not wait until it’s too late. Start now; start with a pause.

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