Vibrant Woman Gayle King, Age 60, On Friendship & Success

Vibrant Woman Gayle King, Age 60, On Friendship & Success

Gayle King, Power of Friendship - Dr. Geneva Williams
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Friendships and sisterhood are sacred aspects to relationships for many vibrant women 50 and up.

Just think about this for a second. Friendship and sisterhood take years to develop. These aspects of relationships do not form overnight.

Moreover, I began to think about this quite a bit because I’m 70 now and I see the importance of friendship and sisterhood.

I recently watched a video on Times website with Gayle King. Whoa, she’s on their front cover for this issue listed in the top 100, by the way.

This two-minute interview with Gayle gave me room for pause.

She began to stir up my thoughts about friendship, sisterhood, and how these are important in every vibrant woman’s life.

“We have to get to know each other better,” she said, “People are afraid of what they don’t know.”

Now, this mini, exclusive interview focuses on her life, leadership, and successes as an interviewer for news broadcasting.

But her valid point makes a lot of sense for friendship and sisterhood.

“I think I was just getting started in life at 60. I’m not afraid. I’m more confident. And you have the experience to know what matters in life,” she asserted.

The Powerful Friendship & Sisterhood According to Gayle

Gayle and Oprah have a 40 plus year best friendship. Their friendship continues to survive everything that tries to rise against it.

According to ENews, their friendship began in 1976 while “working at a TV station in Baltimore.” The bond began to grow during a snowstorm.

Gayle told ENews, “We became friends that first night because, for the first time, I met somebody who I felt was like me.”

When you have a friend who is there for you during hard times, this vibrant woman is a keeper.

And watch how this vibrant woman cares for you when the going gets tough. She can be the right friend for you because she takes care of herself, too.

The key to maintaining healthy friendships and sisterhoods is first taking care of yourself and being good to yourself.

Thus, she is the epitome of an example being a vibrant woman, successful leader in news broadcasting and the best friend to Oprah.

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