Vibrant Living: Aging Women, Embrace Your Calling To Be Community Leaders

Vibrant Living: Aging Women, Embrace Your Calling To Be Community Leaders

dr geneva williamsAging Women  are Leaders and Pillars in the Community

There are many people in your community that are concerned about various social issues that affect them (and the community as a whole), but who can they share their concerns with that will do something about it?

Who is going to listen to them?

Who cares about their needs?

These are the questions that go through the minds of people in your community each and every day. They talk amongst each other, but many do not know anyone with the power or means to move things forward.

You’re aging beautifully and living vibrantly. You’re already a leader!

As a leader, you have the power to be a voice for the voiceless. Interact with members of your community and allow yourself to know and understand their concerns. You have a social responsibility to contribute to the development and progressiveness of your community, so get in there and do something!

Stop talking about what you can do and start doing it!

Use your skills to help bring about change. Look for ways to be an advocate for your community. Find your niche and unleash your talents.

Always remember that helping others also helps you. Helping to bring about change for the people in your community is a level of self-fulfillment that’s truly priceless.

Make a commitment to serving others in ways that they are not able to serve themselves. You have the means and the “know how,” so put your skills to work!

Don’t be like everyone else and just sit around complaining about the problems, when you know you’re capable of helping to fix it.

Aging women as leaders don’t complain, they take action and challenge the status quo. And in the process, they build a legacy; one in which they’ve contributed the best of who they are to make lasting change that positively affects people now and generations to come.

So stop procrastinating, and start taking action! Let your vibrant life so shine so others may see your good works!

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Dr. Geneva J. Williams is a Master Leadership Strategist & Vibrant Life Architect.  She is also the reigning Ms. Black Fit and Fine.

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