Tyra Banks, 45, A Vibrant Woman Gives Top-Notch Advice To Women Over 45

Tyra Banks, 45, A Vibrant Woman Gives Top-Notch Advice To Women Over 45

Tyra Banks
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In a recent tweet made by the 45-year-old Tyra Banks, she said,

“This is for everybody that has been told that they are not good enough because of their body, their age, everything. #BanX is here to tell you that you ARE friggin’ fierce no matter what anybody says.”

This tweet was not just Tyra Banks speaking, it was her stating a fact.

She was recently featured on the cover of ‘sports illustrated’, thirteen years after she retired from modeling to pursue acting, and entrepreneurship.

Tyra Banks even over 40, still was sought for to grace the cover of a magazine that is usually graced by younger, hotter models.

This was a magazine she had been featured in when she was a lot younger.

So, when she made that tweet, she was not speaking as a mere motivational speaker.

No, she was speaking directly from experience.

Tyra Banks achieved what many people would have thought not possible.

It sure came as a surprise when people saw the magazine, and on its cover, the beautiful, ever blazing, drop-dead gorgeous, dripping in melanin over 40 Tyra Banks.

Now that right there is the perfect definition of motivation.

Tyra Banks’ Motivation for You

Oftentimes women, as they get older visit the boutique and do not want to be caught dead in some outfits.

This is sometimes because they are not sure it would fit.

Or they do not want to show off some skin because they do not feel their bodies are good enough to be shown to the public.

So, you go to the beaches, and while the under 30 women are walking the beach in beautiful bikinis and giving leg goals, there are beautiful over 40 women.

These women are sitting on a chair by the side, holding a glass of mojito and wrapping up themselves in scarves.

Because they do not feel their bodies are beautiful enough to rock a bikini and give everyone a run for their money.

Well, Tyra Banks says no! Tyra does not agree with you.

She says you are “friggin fierce” and she means every word of it.

It’s time to come out of that shell and be the beautiful woman you are, it’s time to wear that dress you saw at the boutique, the one that shows off your long beautiful legs.

Your body is beautiful, regardless of age, color, anything at all.

Tyra had started modeling at a time when it was a problem to be black and a model, she has always been breaking stereotypes and is still breaking them.

They said a black girl could not model, there was Tyra Banks, modeling still.

Many said older women could not rock a bikini perfectly, well the joke is on them; they should get the recent copy of the sports illustrated swimsuit issue.


There are so many possibilities opened out there for you over 40. The whole world is waiting to be explored, and there is you.

You need to break out of that age shell society has created for you.

And you need to start creating fearless possibilities, and your age, honestly, it is just a number.

If ever you are in doubt, let Tyra’s words play in your mind, “you are frigging fierce.”

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