The Secret to Holiday Gift-Giving No One Talks About

The Secret to Holiday Gift-Giving No One Talks About

The Secret to Holiday Gift-Giving No One Talks About

Several people have recently asked and so it seems that inquiring minds really want to know the answer to this one burning question:

Is holiday gift-giving really worth it?

That question is quickly followed by, “Dr. Geneva, do you have holiday gift-giving tips?

Santa Baby, I sure do.

First, though, let’s clear the air of the weight that some people feel about giving and exchanging gifts, especially during December each year.

In a world where so much pressure is applied to shop ‘til you drop and spend on credit and forget it until the New Year, I’m offering a simple phrase to help you think differently about holiday gift-giving ideas:

Give more than usual. 

After all, it is the season of giving, in part because of a temporary motivation to be more generous. ‘Giving,’ in this sense though is not solely about spending cash or borrowing on credit. When I speak about giving, it can be tangible, or be a sensory experience, it can be an act of service, a pledge of goodwill, a shared meal, or something most meaningful to the recipient. Given the opportunity, budget your time, money, and energy for each gift that you intend to give this holiday. Using your additional thought and consideration is part of the giving experience that can bring joy and make the experience of shopping or creating a DIY present more cheerful than usual for you. I’ve done something new to help lighten your load when it comes to searching for the perfect gift for those on your Nice List. Keep reading or click here to see it now.

Read My Lips, gift-giving can be a divine experience. Whether you are enjoying the festivities that come along with Advent and Christmas or celebrating other gift-giving holidays around the world, if you find yourself going overboard with uncertainty and procrastination or spending beyond your means, be certain to pause, allowing yourself time and space to achieve your self-care goals, return to a state of well being, and avoid extreme holiday stress or burnout. Guard your peace at all costs.

Remember, you are in control of yourself and your holiday shopping habits. Give your permission to pursue generosity without sacrificing peace of mind. In the spirit of giving, I’m sharing the official Dr. Geneva-Approved Holiday Gift Guide to turn the heaviness of holiday shopping into a load that is light as a feather.

And Baby, when it’s cold outside, visit my new store so you can cozy up indoors and do your shopping and gifting online.

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