The Power of Visualization to See Your Best Future Self NOW

New Year’s Resolutions may fail you, but I know a proven way to come out as a winner.

There is a powerful tool that can repair any uncertainty about what to do next with your dreams. The same tool can also equip you as you plan to pursue your goals. Everyone has access to the tool and there’s no better day than today to dust yours off. 

Visualization can help you win before you even enter the contest. Imagine being invited to enter a beauty pageant for women over 50.  Now, imagine that you’ve not ever trained nor prepared your mind or your body for such an experience.  The friend who invited you has told you one significant detail… the name of the event is the Fit and Fine Beauty Pageant.  You literally have less than two weeks to prepare for this experience. What would you do? 

This is not a fantasy. This was my reality.  I certainly thought being a beauty queen would be fun and I definitely thought that this might be one of the scariest things that I’d ever done for myself.  The invitation to participate in this contest came when I was in a deep and tremendous funk having been recently widowed.  I had just lost my husband and had no clue about where my life was headed next. One thing was for certain though, I was scared to leave the comfort zone that I had created as a widow. But,  I remembered the power of ‘what if’ and came up with the nerve to see myself on stage surrounded by other beautiful women,  nearly 15 to 20 years younger than I,  and certainly with a different body shape than mine, and the judges selecting me to wear the crown.  The date for the first meeting for the contestants arrived and I showed up before time, and sure enough, I walked into a space with some of the most beautiful women in the world, and sure enough, I leaned heavily on that imagery of me winning this competition. You know that self-doubt showed up and my self-confidence was shaken every once in a while, but I had already imagined the best possible outcome, and I was sticking to it. 

 A sticking point for me that tied me to that vision of winning was that the whole purpose of the pageant was to recognize women over 50, aging gracefully, and living their most vibrant life.  So, in addition to visualizing the win,  I started visualizing myself on stages around the world speaking to hundreds and thousands of women about the ways we can continue to live our lives to the fullest.  Because if you’re going to imagine the best future outcomes for yourself, go big.

Visualization is like a rehearsal.  You really are thinking through your mind that you are rehearsing what it is that you desire to accomplish, that you want to see happen, and taking in with all of your senses what it will be like to achieve that very outcome.

Making changes or improvements in real life will also help prepare you for the day you celebrate the wins that you’ve envisioned. One of the best and most effective ways to prepare for life’s changes is to set smart goals.

For instance, let’s say that you are an aspiring author and you envision yourself at your first book signing. Think about the space, the time, the long line of people holding your book in their hands waiting for your very special signature on their copy.  See yourself signing 100 or more books that day and then you use your senses to experience the colors, sights, sounds, smells, and energy in that space on that day.  You are literally training your brain to prepare for that moment. And doesn’t that feel good?  Now, it’s important to prepare the path to get yourself to that book signing and that takes goal-setting. I’m all for imagination and dreaming Big Dreams, but there must be a plan of action to pursue them. Visualization with goal-setting are keys to planning what you desire to achieve next. They are like guides along your journey to the next big win.

Can you see yourself winning? Do you struggle with setting and achieving your goals? Do you often find yourself feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, or stuck?

​​Three reasons people don’t achieve their goals are because of a lack of imagination, goals that are too vague, and they have no plan of action.​

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The Power of Visualization to See Your Best Future Self NOWThe Power of Visualization to See Your Best Future Self NOWThe Power of Visualization to See Your Best Future Self NOWThe Power of Visualization to See Your Best Future Self NOWThe Power of Visualization to See Your Best Future Self NOW