Overcoming Obstacles in Life to Succeed in Your Career and Business – Ep. 12 with Dr. Cleamon Moorer

Overcoming Obstacles in Life to Succeed in Your Career and Business – Ep. 12 with Dr. Cleamon Moorer

Dr. Moorer flunked-out of Kettering University twice returned earning a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems –then later returned as a professor and was recognized as Kettering’s most distinguished alumni.

Dr. Clem Moorer

Cleamon Moorer Jr., DBA, is a father, husband, philanthropist, educator, author, mentor and educational entrepreneur. Moorer is the author of best-selling memoir “From Failure to Promise: 360 Degrees,” the story of how he overcame flunking out of college to become an engineer, college professor and dean.

From Failure to Promise has held the #1 top-rated spot on Amazon in the US and Canada on several occasions in the genre of memoirs/biographies of educators. Black Enterprisemagazine named him “Modern Man of Distinction.”

Defying obstacles is what makes him true motivational speaker because he can transform audiences to catch his “never give up spirit.”   

Speaking at many conferences across the nation – including a TED Talk where he delivered “Pursue Promise: Success is Not Enough.”  In that talk (which is also the title of his next book), he conveys how real failure occurs if a person fails to abandon safe, monotonous, routine, uninspiring work.

Dr. Moorer believes that innovation, creativity, promise and legacy are often the byproducts of “quitting” and obeying the inner voice that says, “This Is Not It… you were designed to do more and to be more.”

Dr. Moorer is the founding Dean of the College of Business and Editor-In-Chief of PURSUIT: “The Official Magazine of Baker College.”  He is a motivational speaker with the Young Black Minds, Speaker’s Bureau, LLC. For more information, see www.fromfailuretopromise.com 

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