One Size Does Not Fit All: The Emboldening Effects of Sweater Weather

One Size Does Not Fit All: The Emboldening Effects of Sweater Weather

One Size Does Not Fit All: The Emboldening Effects of Sweater Weather

There is no denying that sweater weather is better weather. And sipping tea with a hot, soothing cup in one hand while being snuggled in my favorite sweater is a win. Everything has its place and time.

Cravings for pumpkin spice, sweet potato pie, tea lattes, cozy sweaters, and fluffy socks are all symptoms of feeling Fall-y …so cuddle up in the corner of your comfy couch and rest your body once and for all. This is not the time to feel guilty about getting rest. The work will still be there when you reboot and restore your energy reserves.

Temperatures that are too hot or too cold can cause distractions to concentration and can lead to low mood, low drive, irritability, despair, and sadness. Ain’t nobody got time for that. The time has come to be honest with each other. The change of seasons affects each of us differently and feeling the combined impact of these symptoms should not be discounted. One of my favorite lines from Hamlet reads:

To thine own self be true

Since you know yourself better than anyone else, there is no fooling you. You know what you need when you need it and likely why you need it. If you need rest, then getting that becomes the priority. Try staying indoors to gain those precious moments of rest. You may be surprised that throwing on your favorite oversized sweater and steeping your favorite tea can actually boost your productivity.

Resting truly equals problems solved

When we rest, our brains are actively (hopefully quietly) searching for solutions to what challenges us. Spending more time resting actually gives the brain a chance to be great on your behalf. Recharge your physical self with all confidence that your creative nature is working in the background for your good. Reframe your relationship with getting rest and you may see your creativity and problem-resolution skills flourish. This way, when you are finished resting and return back to work, you actually have time to work more efficiently.

High performance straight ahead

So when someone attempts to tell you that you look lazy wrapped up in that cozy sweater, tea cup pressed up against your lips with the pinky in the air, and fuzzy socks cleaning up all the hair on the floor as you walk effortlessly about your day, stop them and tell them

You are on pause, under repair, in maintenance mode, and will unloose your high-performing greatness all over them in another hour.

In fact, tell them that the science behind your sweater weather routine would benefit their mood, increase their focus, provide them motivation, and reduce their chance of injury from overworking their brain also. And if that doesn’t work, shut the door, and hang a Do Not Disturb sign. Immediately return to sipping your hot Fraser tea, pinky up, until you are good and ready to partner up with your workload again.

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