Older Women Breaking Forth As Unfamiliar Power Sensations to Live The Vibrant Life

Older Women Breaking Forth As Unfamiliar Power Sensations to Live The Vibrant Life

Older Women Breaking Forth As Unfamiliar Power Sensations to Live The Vibrant Life

I begin with a quote: “you have to reinvent the self to become a creative (vibrant) self,” says bell hooks. To live the vibrant life requires reinventing yourself.

And older women are taking back their lives and reinventing themselves in unfamiliar facets.

These women are power sensations. The younger women are strong. But the older, seasoned women know the way to the vibrant life.

Older women living vibrantly understand longevity, tenacity, endurance, creativity and continue to walk in strengths unimaginable.

Older Women & Adversity

Vibrant, older women today are more alive due to facing many life challenges. Women ages 50 and up confront daily woes in fresh innovative ways.

They show faith in the face of adversity; give wisdom as leaders to Gen-Xers and Millennials, and take on higher status positions in the workplace.

A fearlessness oozes from the depths of their souls and emanates power at work, in society and communities at large.

What the Vibrant Life Means to Older Women  

The vibrant life includes a professional and personal balanced lifestyle that helps older women become influencers and reach new heights of success.

It positions women to be in full control and ready for the world.  

For example, Maxine Waters, who is 80 years old, serves as the US Representative for California’s 43rd congressional district.

The vibrant life for Waters shows successes from stepping stones as a garment factory worker and employee at the telephone company. 

Nancy Pelosi, 78, 52nd Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. She is no stranger to hard work like the others here.

Both of her parents held Italian roots. Her father was a Democratic Congressman in Maryland.

And, her mother was “active organizing Democratic women and teaching her (Pelosi) the value of social networking.” 

Janice Bryant Howroyd, 69, is the first African-American woman to run a $1 billion dollar business. 

Howroyd is the fourth of 11 children who grew up in the harsh realities of civil rights. And eventually launched her business with only $1,000.

Susan Zirinsky, 66, will take over CBS News in March. She. Is. Ready. The New York Times calls her the roaring woman.

Zirinsky has been with CBS News since 1972 and elevates, from other promoted positions to the top by March 1, 2019, as President. 

But prior to this incredible turning point, these boomers remember living in a different capacity.

One that places them slightly in other categories like being strong forces in the workplace and pillars in home life by tending to their husbands and children.

These powerful matriarchs can testify to hard work. And know that a life of balance is a requirement for vibrant living.

Older Women as Power Sensations

Older women are leading the way. They are becoming more health conscious and active. Even after retirement or being overlooked on jobs and in families, older women are bursting the seams of entrepreneurial life.

Here’s the best part of it all. The power sensations, who were once disrespected, labeled and forced out are now changing the meaning of ageism with class and dignity.

Older women have never left the scene. The silence is now broken and they are proud to be living!  

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