Making Decisions to Take Action for Success Over 50 with a Life Coach

Making Decisions to Take Action for Success Over 50 with a Life Coach

Older Women Breaking Forth As Unfamiliar Power Sensations to Live The Vibrant LifeA few people have made it seem like your 50s are the years, where you retire and rest.

Making it seem like whatever success you should have made in your 20s is no longer achievable in your 50s.

This, however, is a stereotype that is not true and should be disregarded.

A very good example of over 50 success is Iyanla Vanzant.

She is a world-famous life coach and author who helps many women over 50 on her famous segment, “Iyanla: Fix My Life.”

Had no public recognition as a life coach or author until after her biggest fall in life with losing her daughter and marriage.  

She landed another seat with Oprah Winfrey after age 50, bagging herself high roles on various TV shows, movies, and speaking events.

The much-needed recognition continues to grant her waves in the industry.

You can attest to the fact that from that age till now, Vanzant has made giant strides in the industry.

And she is just one of many famous people who started making any serious difference at and after the 50 mark.

So, the first thing you should know before you start making these decisions is that it’s very possible.

Don’t think it’s impossible. You may be late, but you’re still in the race as long as you keep believing in yourself and chasing your dream.

Decisions a life coach helps you to make for success when you’re over 50

A Life Coach Helps You Believe You Can

This is the first step to anything, believe it is possible. You cannot walk into this journey with a negative mindset.

Granted, you’re over 50, and this is a hard decision to make because you are still thinking of just how much time has been wasted.

You have continuous thoughts about how it does not seem possible anymore.

First of all, your fears are very valid, still doesn’t mean you should hold on to them. Let them go.

Believe in you, and tell yourself that it’s possible to make this work.

A Life Coach Helps You to Write Out Your Plan

Well, you’re over 50.

Erratic decisions should not be associated with you anymore. This is an intentional move.

And like many other intentional moves, this requires a good amount of planning and not just in-your-head planning.

You need a written plan to guide you through it, that way you know when you are a falling out of a plan, or things are not going right.

This plan should be your manual for this journey.

A Life Coach Helps You to Balance Your Finances

However you want to look at it, you will need money. This is not the time for unnecessary spendings.

First, go to the bank and understand how much you are worth. Know how much you have, and how much you owe (if you owe).

This knowledge will help you plan your finances better and help you with your spending.

A broke person is not successful. Try to make sure you do not go broke. Work hard at it.


One thing you must learn how to do is to reflect–reflect on your past choices, see the things that you could have done better, and then put them into action.

Don’t think life is ending, it will end, but it hasn’t yet, and for the period you’re living and breathing, make better decisions to take action for success.

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