How Women Are Putting the Color Back into Their Vibrant Lives Over 50

How Women Are Putting the Color Back into Their Vibrant Lives Over 50

Vibrant. Eclectic. Stunning. Just a few colorful words given to describe women over 50.

Women are adding color back to their vibrant lifestyles.

Interestingly, Millennials and Gen-Xer’s are gleaning more from us, the baby-boomers. There’s a unique admiration now when it comes to style, hair, make-up, and influence.

These generations have even embraced the color “gray” as the new “blonde.” It’s trending and popping in many fashion industries.

Women over 50 are into certain vibrant colors like reds, pinks, purples, blondes, etc. We are trespassing the norms of tradition that says to where specific colors are worn during certain seasons.

Specific colors make you feel good about yourself all year long. Do you know what I mean?

Vibrant colors bring life to you in new forms. They awaken you to vibrant living.  

Let me tell you a true story.

I remember how some colors began to fade in my life. I’m speaking of the time of losing my mother and husband not too many days apart.

I didn’t allow the pain from this loss to dim the truest versions of myself. My mother’s voice rose within me.

Growing up she always spoke of the importance of being a leader full of vibrant living–that it’s needful that I remain colorful in every aspect of my life.

Women over 50 are leaders. You are incredible leaders who know how to draw strength during dark times due to solid teachings from within.

What’s in you never leaves you.

50 plus women take pleasure in being and looking the part of leaders and colorful matriarchs in our families and communities.

Our choice of colors reveals that we’re not dull. We are vibrant and full of life.


All in all, you don’t have to be the one planning to retire or already retired woman who has lost her pizazz.

You can be that phenomenal woman with colorful clothes, eyeshadows, lipsticks, nails, toes, you name it!

And the great news is these colors exist within your home. You don’t have to go out and make new purchases. Use what you have.

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Dr. Geneva J. Williams is a Master Leadership Strategist & Vibrant Life Architect.  She is also the reigning Ms. Black Fit and Fine.

For information on her new course, “The Vibrant Life Blueprint,” go here.

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Speaker, Author, Thought-Leader… and I really like this one, vibrant living culture creator; Golden Soror of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and Michigan Women’s Commission Appointee. With more than forty years of expertise in business management and personal development, I also have the distinction of receiving the NAWBO Top Businesswoman Award and the Booker T. Washington Legacy Award.

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