How to Put Together a Self Care Toolbox During Difficult Times

How to Put Together a Self Care Toolbox During Difficult Times

How much do you love yourself and show it from your self-care toolbox?

How to Put Together A Self-Care Toolbox for These Times
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Have you heard of a self-care toolbox for these times? Do you make your health and wellbeing your priority every single day, or are you more focused on taking care of others?

This is not about being self-absorbed, but I usually catch a lot of women over 50 up with lots of activities surrounding others.

It is mostly about balancing a full and complicated life with responsibilities, community events, and lots of other commitments.

It’s time to think about yourself more. It is even more important considering the pandemic going around in these times.

However, instead of holding on to a single self-care tool, we will show you how to build a self-care toolbox. This will contain tools for your overall Psychological, Emotional, Spiritual, Physical, and Social wellbeing. 

Self-care Toolbox with Tools: By You, To You, For You

Creating your self-care toolbox is easy with these DIY steps.

However, the first step is to know your “why.” Why do you deserve more self-care around this time? Have you been selfish about your health?

The key to putting together a fantastic self-care toolbox is to focus on your values. As every self-care box is meant to be unique to each individual, it needs to be based on what you consider relevant to you.

Here is how to put together your DIY self-care toolbox:


You don’t have to be religious to harness spirituality.

It can come in other forms like meditation, mindfulness, tai-chi, or prayers, which help you connect with a higher power.

Incorporating spirituality into your self-care enhances how you understand and connect to the world. Pick the one you know will bring peace to your life.

Physical health

A significant component of your self-care toolbox should be simple exercises designed to promote your health and wellbeing.

It could be going to the gym, taking a walk or running. Add an activity to your routine that helps you find a routine.

Apart from exercises, a good way of taking care of yourself physically is to watch what you consume.

Your nutrition plays a huge role. Finally, incorporating the right amount of sleep and rest is an excellent way to round this up.

Emotional wellbeing

Your self-care toolbox should contain a lot of positivity.

When you feed your mind with a lot of positivity about your life, family, and the world, you will be able to control your mindset towards being empowered, relaxed, and being at peace with yourself.

We live in a society where it is almost a competition to see who can lament about their life more. However, you don’t have to play along with it. Think more about the things you cherish in your life.

Schedule It

Finally, it is one thing to have the essential elements in your self-care toolbox and another thing to keep to them.

Have a written plan for your daily self-care.

You can set aside just a few minutes for meditation every morning. Incorporate family time and set aside “me” time where it is 100% about you. Nothing should infringe on the other.

Be committed to being patient, empathetic, loving, and kind towards yourself.

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