How to Overcome Roadblocks and Live Your Best Life – Ep. 113 with Silver Rae Fox

How to Overcome Roadblocks and Live Your Best Life – Ep. 113 with Silver Rae Fox

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What’s stopping you from enjoying your life to the fullest?

There’s nothing worse than untapped potential. We all have dreams, goals, and visions of an ideal life that…believe it or not, is attainable. What’s stopping us from reaching it? 

Today, Dr. Geneva speaks to Silver Rae Fox, renowned coach and popular blog writer, about why many of us have failed to reach our “best life” status and how to overcome many of the roadblocks that prevent us from doing so. 

Silver deposits countless gems that everyone needs to hear. You don’t want to miss this! 



  • The dangers of complacency.
  • How rushing our goals hurts us. 
  • Tips for perseverance. 



  • “You have to want to – no one is going to make your dreams happen for you.” Silver Rae Fox, 6:20
  • “Enjoy the journey. There are things that happen along the way that are priceless.” – Silver Rae Fox, 11:30




Best known formerly by her birth name, Pat Evans, Silver Rae Fox rebranded and brought a heightened dedication to uplift and motivate others by sharing inspiration via public speaking engagements and radio show FOXOLOGY TODAY. Silver’s admirable career has spanned over 35 years of empowering others as a life consultant, coach, instructor, speaker, and presenter. 

As radio host of her own show, FOXOLOGY TODAY on Blog Talk Radio, Silver continues her life’s mission to uplift and motivate through sharing inspiration on the airwaves and speaking venues. Through her genuine desire and determination to help make the world a little bit brighter, Silver brings a confident, commanding, and engaging presence to every stage. As a skilled MC, Media Host, and speaker, she is poignant, expressive, and has the gift to flavor her dialog with wisdom, wit, and humor. Whether speaking in intimate groups, churches, corporate trainings, conference seminars, or in the spotlight on stage, Silver is passionate and powerful in her delivery. Her messages are always entertaining, enlightening, guaranteed to be insightful, and good for the heart and soul.

Some of her signature presentations include “What’s The Plan? Discovering Your Passion and Purpose in Life”, “The ‘F” Word: What Failure Really Means,” and “Be a Dreamer: You Can Be What You See.”

Silver is also the author of an audio ebook, an entertaining and humorous modern-day folktale entitled “Colored People,” and a workbook for aspiring speakers entitled “Talk Is Productive.”


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