How to Motivate Your Team, Mentor Employees, and Lead By Example – Ep. 114

How to Motivate Your Team, Mentor Employees, and Lead By Example – Ep. 114

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When you think of a good leader, what comes to mind? Leadership affects every aspect of our lives, from the workplace to our homes. 

Meet Reverend Dr. Patricia Butler, respected clergy leader, and education expert who shares her innovative trademark approach to effective leadership. Through her educational career, teaching experience, and years of pastoring, Rev. Butler has developed a system of leadership known as the “4 M’s”. Join us as she elaborates on the 4-M Model of Leadership process and shares tips on how you can implement effective leadership practices in your everyday life.

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  • The importance of leading by example.
  • How good leadership skills benefit our professional and personal lives. 


  • “Mentoring doesn’t mean that you become me; mentoring means that you take what you need from me, to become a better you.” – Rev. Dr. Patricia Butler, 38:10
  • “Leave a legacy through your leadership.” – Rev. Dr. Patricia Butler, 41:50
  • “My best sermons are those that I act out, not speak out.” – Rev. Dr. Patricia Butler, 46:00





Rev. Butler is the pastor of St. Luke Tabernacle Community Church-Detroit. She also serves as Chair and President of the Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance Board, where she led an 84-member community group to implement a community revitalization plan to promote and secure resources 

Her impressive educational background includes an Associate’s of Science, Bachelor’s of Science in Education, Master of Education in Instructional Technology, Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, and an array of additional certifications qualifying her to teach children and young adults, including those with mental or physical impairments. 

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