How to Make a Lasting Impact as a Leader in Your Local Community – Ep. 86

How to Make a Lasting Impact as a Leader in Your Local Community – Ep. 86

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Stepping into your role as a leader is a path unique to you. What you do once you’re there, is something different entirely. In this episode of Ignite 2 Impact, hear why embracing your position as a role model can contribute to the legacy you’ll leave behind. 

This episode is the first installment in my Leadership Lesson series, a series centered around impact leadership— the kind of leadership where you get to make a real difference. We will explore ways you can unleash your potential and leave lasting effects on your organization, community or even just in your everyday life. 

In celebration of black history month, listen in to hear how my father, Ermon K. Jones— in the midst of the trying, highly charged climate of segregation in America, brought together a community. I also share how he later played a major role in the battle for fair housing during the civil rights movement. Hear how he stepped up as a leader and why sometimes, leading by example can be exactly what’s needed to spark lasting change. 

Key Takeaways:

  • How you can make lasting impacts within your role as a leader.
  • How my father, Ermon Jones led a community as the first black basketball player in his New Jersey high school.
  • The impact leading by example had on the fight for fair housing.


Episode Highlights:


  • [00:06] Intro
  • [01:36] Impact leadership sessions
  • [02:36] Black history month
  • [03:05] Leadership and leading by example
  • [05:41] The lesson for leaders on outstanding performance
  • [06:06] What is impact leadership?
  • [06:20] Recognizing leadership & a story about my father
  • [11:20] Performing under pressure & challenging housing segregation
  • [15:29] Proving leadership in leading by example
  • [16:19] A lesson in make-a-difference leadership
  • [16:59] Connect with Ignite to Impact
  • [17:56] Outro




  • “By what you do, how you model yourself… how you lead by example, that’s in fact what makes a difference.” – Dr. Geneva Jones Williams [16:38] 


  • “We don’t choose to be role models, we are chosen. Our only choice is whether to be a good role model or a bad one.” – Karl Malone  


  • “The abilities and skills that lift you to the forefront must be maintained. In fact, they must be further developed and enhanced if you’re to remain in your leadership role and have meaning.” – Dr. Geneva Jones Williams [06:22] 

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