How To Keep Yourself Together During COVID 19

How To Keep Yourself Together During COVID 19

Keep Yourself Together

The COVID 19 pandemic has hit the world hard this time, businesses are still on pause, and it’s hard to keep yourself together.

Salons and beauty parlors are not left out and this has affected the lives of many women.

How To Keep Yourself Together During COVID 19
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This might not be a top priority in this tough period, but it definitely is a disturbing issue for women, especially older women who do not understand how they can keep themselves together during this period.

In this period of isolation, you need to keep yourself together and self-care is necessary as it will lift up your spirit.

Here’s how you can keep yourself together during this COVID 19 pandemic.

Keep yourself together and take it slow

It is at this point you will get to see older women being anxious and worried about everything.

Beginning from their hair, beauty, and general skincare. But this is the time to take it slow and let everything gradually fall into place.

You need to stay calm and think positively so you can keep yourself together.

There are many things you as a woman can achieve on your own without the help of a stylist or beautician, hence, stay calm, take it slow, and be happy.

Grey is the new black

Why dye your hair when you can keep it natural and still glow?

Most women who have grey hair already have cultivated the habit of dying their hair so they can still look young.

But what happens now that everyone is locked down and can’t access a salon to maintain that beauty routine?

It is time to change your style and still look good.

As a woman 50 and above it is only natural that you begin to have grey hair, now is the time to flaunt it.

Some celebrities go out of their way to change their hair colors from black to grey, so you don’t need to be ashamed.

Rather flaunt your grey hair like it’s the latest black hair in town.

Keep yourself together and take a walk

What you are practicing is keeping your distance from people, nobody has stopped you from taking a walk to relieve yourself of some stay-at-home stress and to breath fresh air.

Staying all locked up without taking a walk might begin to affect your emotions negatively.

Most especially, women who are a bit older and are not used to staying indoors.

Take a walk to help you keep your act together and not go insane from being locked down.

It is also a part of exercise which keeps you fit and healthy.

Try something new

Women 50 and above live their lives mostly working, but now that you are at home, how can you stay safe and stay sane?

Try something you’ve never done or even thought of doing. Try meditating and reflecting on your life and things you think might need a change after the pandemic.

If you always wore makeup to hide that blemish on your face, it’s time to go makeup-free and look for ways to still remain beautiful.

You can also try some DIY beauty routines to help keep your skin glowing during the isolation period.

Final Thoughts

Amidst the lockdown and isolation, you still need to keep yourself together so that after the pandemic, you will come out with your beauty and style intact.

Although, this might not be important as women are more scared about contracting the virus.

However, with the preventive measures out there, you can stay safe and keep your act together at the same time.

Using the tips mentioned above, you are sure to maintain your beauty and style while staying safe at home.

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