How To Increase Your Power of Influence as a Vibrant Woman Leader

How To Increase Your Power of Influence as a Vibrant Woman Leader

Being A Vibrant Woman Leader

The subject of being a vibrant leader is very interesting because many people have written about it for years, in fact, centuries.

This subject has stimulated conversation, has caused folks to wonder about it, to try to define it, and try to discover it.

There are also thousands of studies on being a vibrant woman leader, and many definitions.

However, what I’ve found to be a common denominator amongst all of the varying perspectives is the power of influence.

So when we think about a vibrant woman leader, we think about persuasion; the process of influencing others to do something, to act, to follow a dream, to complete a task.

This persuasive power is generated through passion and purpose.

You’ve got to have that inner fire–that passion–that not only inspires you and ignites your soul, but then you turn and release it to ignite and inspire others.

You also must know your purpose. Know your why.

Why are you doing what you’re doing? What do you believe in? What are your core values?

Allow Your Passion And Purpose To Guide You As A Vibrant Leader

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It’s important for you to discover what you truly value and place importance on in life.

Focusing on these things will get you through the tough times; and remember: the people you want to influence are watching to see how you handle tough situations.

Some folks have this impression that being a leader is glamorous, like a beauty pageant, but the reality is that much of it is hard work.

Conflict is expected; a challenge is part of the deal.

You’re going to make so many mistakes and go over and do recalibrations, but much of the stress and the challenge of leadership can be handled when you know your purpose.

And, especially when you know yourself, discover your why —you realize that, in fact, you’re living out your life mission.

Knowing your purpose, understanding your values, and then understanding your gifts and talents, help you become centered and balance.

When you keep your purpose and passion in mind at all times, you will be able to deal with the many obstacles that are going to try to get in your way as a leader.

Know And Honor Your True Self As A Vibrant Leader

Becoming an influential leader is really a self-discovery journey; it’s an inside job. It’s an internal process of really getting to know yourself.

The more things you discover about yourself and how you see the world, the more you can appreciate others, see opportunities, and release the power within others because you, in fact, have released the power within yourself.

When you know yourself, fully understand yourself, and know your mission, you’re able to more clearly and consistently and passionately fulfill your purpose and do what it is you have to do.

You will be a successful leader that will have the ability to influence many others to do great things.

Reaching that level of success is a long, tough journey. It doesn’t happen overnight. It’s not like instant coffee; instead, it has to brew. It’s got to percolate.

But if you can align the work you do with your core values, then the journey is worth it.

When you make that alignment, you will find joy in your life and will become a source of inspiration for others to do the same.

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