How to Deal with Difficult Leadership Matters and Challenges as a Leader

How to Deal with Difficult Leadership Matters and Challenges as a Leader

Are you a leader who stays awake at night?3 Things That Keep Leaders Awake At Night

Many leaders stay awake at night. We live in a challenging business world.

Every individual occupying an important position knows about a highly skilled, resourceful executive who was elevated into a leadership position–only to fail to deliver.

Similarly, is the other story about an individual who attained a leadership position with good but not extraordinary – technical skills and intellectual abilities.

But made a difference.

The dynamism in the business environment and the fast changing world has been the base for a highly engaging, competitive and demanding corporate world.

This, however, has overtime posed a myriad of challenges, situations and issues for executives and business leaders.

Below are three things that keep leaders awake at night.

Dealing with big changes causes leaders to stay awake at night

Change comes with new challenges.

Any organization struggling to adapt fast enough to new technology, for instance; global advancement and cultural diversity –would have its Leaders stay awake at night.

In this regard –usually –the major concern is their effort to ensure that they are not setting poor examples in the way the recent changes are handled and communicated to the rest of the team.

Change is hard.

This explains why there may be resistance at first.

Nonetheless, in leadership development–executives are taught to master the art of providing plenty of praise and recognition to the rest of the team to have them feel valued during the process of tough transition.

Leadership styles and establishment structures

Leaders who have eyes for the future know that new establishment structure will make organizations favorable and fit to compete successfully in the fast changing business terrain.

Sadly, in situations where an executive is not prepared to relinquish the old mix of autocratic – bureaucratic style of leadership which often leave no space for the exploration of new problem-solving methods etc.

Worries are inevitable!

In this case, frustration becomes the order of the day and such leaders are often found to stay awake at night regretting the fact that they have to deal with the new organization structure.

The need for leadership development at every stage cannot be over emphasize.

Business leaders should be positioned to take advantage of development training and empowerment programs.

Poor employee performance or fear of losing key skilled member of the team

Some times an employee is not up to par in performance and delivery. 

Therefore, some leaders find it difficult to call the attention of such employee or inform the individual about not performing to the standards of the role.

Leaders stay awake when they find themselves in a mix of having to deal with underperforming employee or when they are about to lose a key member to other business adventures.

Noted, competitors are always on the lookout for skilled and highly resourceful employee.

So when a leader is confronted with such a situation, it keeps their eyes open at night.

Final Words

Leaders are often faced with challenges in the day-to-day interface with their executive roles.

However, what can guarantee none sleepless nights as they go about their daily duties is time-to-time leadership development training and empowerment.

Learning keeps us ahead of the game. It is one of the ways to keep the mind unburdened.

I hear someone says –but –worry is part of life.

Sure worries get us to be on our toes, more often; it plays a vital role toward ensuring that we remain proactive and ready to face certain issues headlong.

However, leadership matters are intricate; and need to be routed through right channels.

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