How to Continue Practicing Self Love Regardless of Your Age and Circumstances

How to Continue Practicing Self Love Regardless of Your Age and Circumstances

Dr. Geneva Jones Williams

What is Self-love?

Self-love is the hot topic for conversations these days. But I wonder if people truly understand what it means.

In essence, its meaning varies for each person because no one loves herself in the same way.

Here’s the truth.

Self-love helps you enter into vibrant living. When you’re burdened from too many stresses, feeling like you’re in a dark hole and can’t get out, or your body is sick, what truly draws you up and out is self-love.

Knowing the power of self-love and how it removes you from the pit and grips of dark places in life enables you to create a new life: it’s a vibrant life and place for living.

I read an affirmation earlier today that said, “I am creating my life exactly as I want it.” I thought to myself what a powerful place to be.

Now, this is a surefire area for vibrant living and self-love.

Self-love is a life long process. It doesn’t blossom overnight.

In 2012, my husband and my parents became ill and expired within a couple of years.

I went through hell having to write three obituaries for them.

These losses suddenly thrust me with responsibilities I never expected, being the executor of all their estates. But I was able to pull through eventually.

Rising above this heartache wasn’t easy. Although I learned early in life how to love myself, life put many stumbling blocks in my way.

I had to use my power within from God to remain determined. And while doing this, I put many actions into practice.

Self-love is an action word. Another important step to its meaning requires you to do something–make movements towards showing yourself, love.

When you make moves towards self-love, you then begin to enter many areas of vibrant living.

Vibrant living means you reinvent yourself daily to become a creative, better self from hard places—places of depth and pain, which enables you to be an effective individual while aging.

Consider these few action-steps towards self-love and vibrant living.

  1. Count your dollars and buy yourself a new outfit.
  2. Write down the biggest challenge you want to overcome
  3. Put your phone to the side and do something nice for an hour
  4. Detox your social media. Remove anyone who makes you unhappy.
  5. Have some quiet time for prayer.
  6. Read the book you never have time for.
  7. Laugh.
  8. Take a yoga class or start exercising.
  9. Put on your favorite outfit. Do your makeup, put on perfume and go somewhere special.

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