How to Become a Motivational Speaker with Expert Shawn Fair – Ep. 71

How to Become a Motivational Speaker with Expert Shawn Fair – Ep. 71

Shawn is a leadership expert with a focus on corporate leadership, consultative sales, and vision. He illustrates leadership thus: lead by example, trustworthiness, mutual respect, and praise. He is uniquely skilled at using this simple yet profound ethos to bring leaders at all levels to the realization that their team’s performance is largely dependent upon their ability to lead.
shawn fair
Shawn teaches what he lives, by drawing from the proficiency he has gained from over two decades of real-life, in-the-trenches business experience, motivational speaking, training, and executive coaching. His skillful delivery of true stories and use of precisely crafted multimedia resources spark an emotional connection with his audiences. The depth of Shawn’s knowledge and the effectiveness of his delivery style place him among the best leadership and vision speakers in the country. He appreciates, and shares with his audiences, that leadership is a moment-to-moment choice. It is not about title, tenure, or position. Leadership is for everyone, everyday.

Shawn’s dynamic, thought-provoking, and engaging presentations inspire his audiences to make immediate changes that promote employee development, growth, and the expansion of their team capacity. Through his work, he continues to bring the very best out of leaders, equipping them to create lasting and positive impact. He has done it on big stages such as the Rio Grande Casino in Las Vegas, NV, and the Sound Board Room in the Motor City Casino in Detroit, MI. Wherever he goes, leaders always ask for more.

Shawn serves as the CEO of The Fair Consulting Group, a U.S. based Speaking and Training Firm. Before he started Fair Consulting, he worked in both small and large corporations, in positions ranging from customer service to Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and from National Executive Trainer to Sr. Training Executive.

Shawn is also a John Maxwell Speaker and Coach, a member of the Forbes Coaching Council, and a Consultant to corporations abroad in diverse sectors. He has trained trainers, sales professionals, managers, senior leadership, and executives in 43 of the 50 states, and the Virgin Islands.  He’s been featured in Speaker Magazine.

His successes include: USAA, Jarvis Construction, Vaughan Industries, and IMAAC.

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