How to Be Happy in Your Career and Be a Leader in Your Personal Life – Talk with Dr. Sabrina Black

How to Be Happy in Your Career and Be a Leader in Your Personal Life – Talk with Dr. Sabrina Black

Below are some alarming Corporate America statistics. These statistics are present in every job industry.

70% of U.S. Workers are not engaged at work.
80% of employees are dissatisfied with their direct manager.
70% of employees lack confidence in their abilities of senior leadership.
75% of employees don’t quit their jobs, they quit their bosses!
$11 Billion is Lost Annually due to Employee Turnover.
This show, Dr. Sabrina Black will address these issues and offer solutions as to how YOU can be the leader of your own life.

Sabrina is an International speaker and columnist with over 30 combined years in ministry, non-profits, and as a university professor in psychology, and world cultures. She is a prolific writer and published author of over 10 books and workbooks including “Live Right Now.”

She left her 20+ years in private practice as a family therapist and life coach providing counseling services to individuals to join the LIFE Corporate team providing counsel and leadership development to executives and their staff via the Launching a Leadership Revolution (LLR) Corporate Education Program.  Sabrina loves connecting with people and helping them see their potential, specifically helping corporations and organizations with workplace productivity, increasing employee morale, and team building.  She has the reputation of calling forth greatness in others. See

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Speaker, Author, Thought-Leader… and I really like this one, vibrant living culture creator; Golden Soror of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and Michigan Women’s Commission Appointee. With more than forty years of expertise in business management and personal development, I also have the distinction of receiving the NAWBO Top Businesswoman Award and the Booker T. Washington Legacy Award.

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