How to Be a Great Leader at Work and the Best Tips for Leadership Skills

How to Be a Great Leader at Work and the Best Tips for Leadership Skills

It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do or where you live – you are a leader. Leaders are folks that aren’t necessarily labeled as “the leader” but their actions project the aura of being the one people go to for advice, wisdom, direction, or just a sign-off . Leadership is about influencing others to do something — to act, follow a dream, complete a task.

Everyone is called to lead in some way sometime in life. Leaders have the desire to make an impact, be an agent for change and make things better than they found them.

You “boss up” when you make a difference and create an atmosphere that inspires, motivates, challenges and changes something or someone for the better.

The best way to do that is your way, with your unique gifts, skills and talents.

The tips Dr. Geneva will share in this show from her new booklet are just that – nuggets she has learned overthe years from her career as a leader, founder and director of many organizations.

She’s tried to boil her brain on paper to get you thinking and reflecting on what you are called to lead and how to do it with “swag” in this new tips booklet.

As a female entrepreneur, career professional, or a nonprofit executive who wants to learn proven strategies for leadership or expand influence at work and in your community you want to listen to this show.
Now let’s get your leadership on and hear Dr. Geneva speak.

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