How Goal Setting Can Improve Your Chances of Being Successful

How Goal Setting Can Improve Your Chances of Being Successful

Goal-setting can triple your odds of getting what you want.

The proof is here!

In 1979, Harvard Business School began a study on goal achievement.

That year, MBA graduates were asked if they had designed a roadmap for goal achievement—by writing down their goals and creating a plan for attaining them.

This simple, one-question survey and the answers to that question reveals how important goals are if you want to achieve the things that are important to you.

At first glance, just 3 percent of the graduating class wrote their financial goals down and also designed a plan for achieving those goals.

Only 13 percent of the class had written goals, with no hard and fast plans for getting what they wanted.

The remaining 84 percent of the class had set no specific financial goals for their future, with only vague goals or desires in mind.

Moreover, in 1989, the graduates from 10 years earlier were contacted again. The 13 percent of the class that had written goals.

But had not developed a game plan for achieving them were making twice as much money as the 84 percent group which had no identifiable goals in mind.

More importantly, the 3 percent of Harvard MBA graduates from 1979 that wrote down their goals and designed a game plan for achieving them were making a staggering 10 times (1,000 percent) more money than the 84 percent group, and 500 percent more than the 13 percent segment!

Do you see the difference? Can you see how writing down your goals with a plan brings an increase in finances and salary?

Quite a payoff for writing down and planning for what you hope to achieve!

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