How Every Vibrant Woman Should Deal With Negative Work Environments (Part 4)

How Every Vibrant Woman Should Deal With Negative Work Environments (Part 4)

Welcome to the last lesson in How Every Vibrant Woman Should Deal With Negative Work Environments series: Present Your Case

Today I will show you how to present your case in negative work environments

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Lesson #4 – Present Your Case in Negative Work Environments

Now that you have all the documentation needed to prove that you’ve had to endure inappropriate behavior at work, it’s time to report and present the misconduct to the appropriate parties about your case.

Go ahead and set up a meeting with your supervisor or the Human Resources department, and bring all your documentation with you for your case that occurred in the negative work environment.

Note: Make copies of all documents, and keep them for your own records on your case.

When you file your complaint about your case from the negative work environment, make sure that you’re calm.

Lay out your case as strongly as possible; let them know how this situation has affected you, but still maintain a professional demeanor.

You do not want to be overly emotional or irate because some people will dismiss what you say, and may even accuse you of overreacting about your case.

So keep your cool as you present your case.

Keep in mind that even though you have your own documentation, you will still need to fill out other paperwork provided by your employer for your case.

Do not think of this as being too much for your case. Just do it.

You want to make sure that you follow your employer’s policies and procedures as it relates to harassment about your case in the negative work environment so that everyone takes you seriously.

It’s important to note that it is inappropriate to tell your supervisor, or the HR department, what they need to do to the person harassing you.

Only give suggestions unless they request your input for your case.

Let them decide what course of action is appropriate.

If they take a course of action that you feel is not satisfactory, then go to the next level of management about your case.

Should this decision not work in your favor, the next step will be to seek legal advise from an attorney for your case.

They key thing to remember is this: Never be afraid to file a complaint against someone who is causing a toxic work environment.

Yes, people will gossip, talk about what you did and your case.

But do not let them discourage you from doing what you know you need to do to protect yourself.

This is very important for your case or any case!

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