How Every Vibrant Woman Should Deal With Negative Work Environments (Part 2)

How Every Vibrant Woman Should Deal With Negative Work Environments (Part 2)

Every Vibrant Woman has Passion & Purpose

Today I’m continuing my series on dealing with toxic work environments by sharing lesson #2 with you.

In part 1 of this series, I shared lesson #1, which was all about the importance of putting everything in writing.

Well today, I want to focus on your mindset, because what you focus on will become your reality.

That’s why it’s very important that you focus on what you want, instead of what you don’t want.

This, of course, is a challenge when you are surrounded by energy draining people, but there are ways to overcome this challenge, and I’m going to show you how.

Lesson #2 – Focus on Your Passion and Purpose

One of the most effective ways to get through any tough situation is to focus on why you do what you do.

When you are passionate about what you do, and you’re working within your purpose, you can take on ANY situation at work, no matter how unhealthy it is.

The first thing you want to do is ask yourself if you’re passionate about your work.

Are you doing it just to get a paycheck, or does this work coincide with your purpose?

Be honest with yourself about this.

Because if you don’t have a purpose and are not passionate about what you do, then it will be extremely difficult for you to will yourself through the toxic land you’re experiencing at work.

You see, your purpose, and passion to fulfill that purpose, gives you will power to endure unpleasant experiences.

This will power mixed, with the various ways of covering yourself (such as what I discuss in lesson #1 about putting everything in writing), will lead to peace of mind.

When you’re at peace within yourself, negative people will not affect you because your eyes will be on the prize – fulfilling your purpose – not on those negative people.

You also will start to notice that these people will change around you when they see that they can no longer get under your skin.

dr geneva speaks

The more you show people how much they upset you, the more they continue to do things to upset you.

Some adults can be very childish at times.

Now, of course, there are those jealous types that are going to continue to try to push your buttons regardless of how you react.

But again, they are irrelevant when you allow yourself to focus on the bigger picture – the things you’re working to accomplish.

You absolutely must be very clear about your purpose and the things you’re passionate about, and focus on those things at all times.

When you do this, your emotions will stabilize, and your outside reality will reflect what you have on your mind.

Now I’m not saying that the outer reflection will be immediate.

It may take some time before you notice the change, but it will happen as long as you hold your focus.

You must allow things to unfold when it’s time to unfold.

You see, there may be many things that are happening in your favor at work that you’re not aware of, because it doesn’t directly involve you.

For example, there may be higher-ups keeping their eye on some of the toxic people at your job.

But because they do not have enough proof of wrong-doing, they’re not able to fire those people…yet.

The key word is YET!

Upper management may be in the process of creating a paper trail of proof.

You, of course, wouldn’t know that because it doesn’t concern you.

However, what does concern you is to make sure that you do everything you can to cover yourself AND hold your focus on your passion and purpose.

Don’t overthink this.

Know without any doubt that what you focus on will be your reality if you allow that reality to unfold when it needs to unfold.

And the time may not be when you want it, but it will be right on time.

God works in mysterious ways, but know that God is most certainly working. Keep the faith and hold the focus!

Next Up, Lesson #3

My next post will be a continuation of this series.

I feel that it is extremely important to share these lessons with you, so that you don’t allow your environment to keep you from reaching your goals.

Stay tuned for lesson #3.

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