Here’s How To Dress Your Finest Over 50 And 60

Here’s How To Dress Your Finest Over 50 And 60

To Dress Fine

In your 5o’s or  60’s, you are still a raving hot, trendy woman who knows how to dress trendy and fine.

You are mature, know what you want and how to get it.

So, this is the perfect time to shift focus on one’s self, be happy,  full of life and understand how to dress your best.

Looking good and fashionable are one of those ways of achieving a general feeling of well being.

At this age, formerly toned body parts might begin to sag and shift. You might gain a few ounces and add extra weight.

Clothes worn in your 40’s might begin to not fit anymore and now is definitely the time to change your wardrobe.

Or To Not Dress Fine

Dressing younger might not give you that perfect look, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good at your comfort level.

50’s and  60’s can also be about looking great and elegant. It is important to note that to dress younger in your 50’s and 60’s does not make you look younger.

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When you look around and see people in social gatherings, you’d notice that most older people, seem to not succeed with this dress level of style.

They try hard to look younger by using a youthful approach to their style of dress.

This doesn’t mean that in your 50’s and 60’s one can’t look good and have an amazing time with their wardrobe.

A nice hairdo and matching outfits can go along way in making one look and feel fantastic.

At this age range, these are fashion sense rules you could employ:

Dress with basics and not trends 

It is always best to wear basic rather than trending clothes as trends tend to fade away with time. A basic style for clothing can last for years.

As it relates to how to dress with basics, consider the following:

  • Buy what fits 
  • Know your style
  • Know how to mix colors
  • Wear what makes you stand out

Update your style

Substitute old styles for new/latest styles. It is also important to not mix prints but rather match them according to their color tones.

In order to look slimmer, wear classy clothes that are not too overwhelming and ensure to keep the pattern of your clothes small.

Don’t match your purse and shoes

Although it’s an old school stuff, being too matchy, can age you quicker because it’s a total turn off when it comes to fashion sense in general.

Minimize glitter and sparkle  

It’s okay to sparkle and glow in your 50’s and above, but too much of anything is bad.

Choose the perfect dress, place and location to wear your jewelry and accessories, unlike those in their 20’s to 40’s who might choose to flaunt their jewelry almost at all times. 

This style is not advisable for those in their 50’s and above.

Be careful with high heels 

Keep your heels age-appropriate. Being on the lower side could enhance good posture.

Make sure you do not find yourself staggering to a fall all in the act of wearing high heels shoes, as it could also injure your ankles.

Flaunt your glasses

 Your glasses shouldn’t make you feel older, they are officially your best acquired accessories now,so ensure to invest in them.

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