Gather These To Add Luxury to Your Lifestyle

Gather These To Add Luxury to Your Lifestyle

Gather These To Add Luxury to Your Lifestyle

Satisfaction is something that I’m determined to have at the end of each day. I sure hope you feel the same. I’m satisfied with the memories that come along with some of my favorite collections. Ever notice how Autumn is a bit easier than Summer…a little less hectic…a bit more within your control? One way to ease into the changing seasons is to prioritize your “feel good” moments. First things first, feeling good is perfectly acceptable and, frankly, necessary. Feeling blah, meh, and just okay are the reality on some days. The goal, though, is to “feel good” regularly, in spite of what the world, relationships, work, and life serve you each day.

Taking time out for yourself, to gather a collection of things and experiences that make you feel good is expected. I applaud you for doing it, even if today is your first time. Schedule these moments for yourself and as you do that more often, you essentially create a policy that shows others that you are treating yourself with the love and appreciation that you’ve been showing them for so long. Starting your own collection of some things that are amazing to you, helps add dazzle and luxury to your lifestyle… keep reading more to learn how collecting even adds time to your day.

Let’s be clear, luxury doesn’t always mean spending money. You can find luxury at home for no added costs. Set aside “me time” to host your own private scavenger hunt and search out little knick knacks (I call ‘em dustables) that have the same theme. Dust ‘em off, and create a new centerpiece to catch your eye when you walk in the room. Or, if you choose to spend some hard-earned dough on yourself, kudos. Still, luxury can be affordable and achievable every day. Lifestyles of the rich and famous can take on a whole new meaning when you get to define those terms for yourself.

One of my favorite ways to add luxury to my day is to carry a handbag from my Dooney & Bourke collection.

I believe every woman should have something that makes her feel vibrant, and these purses do that for me. I’ve been adding to this collection, slow and steady, for quite a long time. Personally, I love an all-weather leather handbag that is timeless and constructed so well that I only need to buy it once in a lifetime. My mother always said, “buy quality once, and you’ll never have to buy it again.” Listen to my mama now.

Look around your home and office for items that you’ve been meaning to use or love to enjoy. Repurpose and reposition these collectibles…essentially, you’ll add another life cycle to them.

With the crisp Autumn breezes blowing, we are more likely to stay indoors. The good news is you can certainly be cozy and productive indoors at the same time.

Experiment with gathering similar items together. Name your collection. By giving it an identity, you’ll likely place more value on it. When building your collection, the purpose is to uncover and display it, for you and others to see and enjoy. Here’s a sample of items to gather, show off, and enjoy for a

Cozy Collection

  • Candles
  • Decorative tea tins
  • Books
  • Sweaters
  • Fuzzy socks
  • Scarves
  • Pillows

Now, if I must head out into this sweater weather, I definitely bundle up in more ways than one. One benefit of having a collection is that every essential item I need is curated in one place, where I need it when I need it. This means there is no guesswork and all the goodies I need are at my fingertips.

Luxury is really about quality and creating the time to enjoy who and what adds value to your life.

Feel Good. Look Good. Do Good. At any age.

Fabulously & vibrantly yours,

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