Attention High-Impact Women Entrepreneurs, Leaders, and Non-Profit Executives: Ready to unlock the next level of achievement?

Achieve Success, Maintain Balance & Fulfillment In All Areas of Life, and Pursue Goals That’ll Make A High-Impact

How often have you observed others around you reaching their ambitious dreams, making high-impact, cultivating fulfilling relationships, and exceeding their career objectives, and found yourself pondering – why haven’t I unlocked that level of achievement yet?

What is the Ultimate Aspiration for High-Achieving Women Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Non-Profit Executives?

On the outside, your life may appear exemplary, yet on the inside, you wrestle with a sense of meaninglessness. You’re in a state of impasse, with progress seemingly halted.

Indeed, you may have misplaced your compass – if only you could channel even a sliver of the determination and passion that your peers seem to exhibit effortlessly.

You yearn for a success that’s defined on your terms and achievable in a sustainable manner.

You aim for equilibrium rather than unattainable perfection, and wish to advance toward your goals without succumbing to overwhelm or burnout.

Ultimately, your pursuit is to create a lifestyle that extinguishes self-doubt and encourages a focus on your needs and desires.

Deep within, there is a quiet yearning for recognition, validation, and affirmation of your efforts, as well as tangible outcomes—be it visible progress or financial gains—to prove that your efforts are not in vain.

As a high-achieving woman, fears of failure and success may often loom large, and confidence in your abilities may sometimes wane. There’s a strong pull to harness your talents for greater things, yet the starting point often seems elusive.

What if I suggested that there exists a pathway to reignite that fervor, not solely in business, but in every facet of your life?

What if I suggested that there exists a pathway to reignite that fervor, not solely in business, but in every facet of your life?

Do you realize the effort you’re exerting to conform your life to resemble those of others who “look” successful and confident? That’s actually diverting energy FROM your own life, contributing to your sensation of stagnancy.

There is a straightforward method to realign this energy, catapulting you towards the life, balance, high-impact and confidence YOU truly desire. The key to initiating a life you’re passionate about begins with transforming your mindset and relationship with yourself.

Here’s another little-known fact…

You often have a bias towards action and results. You tend to think about what you can do right now to achieve immediate success and make a difference in your life.

There is also a deep drive by a desire for progress, which means that you are constantly looking to improve yourself and your situation.

Unlocking your full potential is within reach because you know you are focusing on taking control of the things you can change instead of trying to fight against those systems that cannot easily be altered.

And you’re finally beginning to think long-term as well as short-term when it comes to making decisions.

Your desired outcomes are within reach because you are making the decision to plan ahead and create strategies for reaching your goals so that you don’t fall behind or miss out on opportunities.

I'm a high-achieving woman. They call me A Trailblazer in Transformational Leadership and Entrepreneurship. Here's Why & How I can Help you make a lasting high-impact and change while maintaining balance in all areas of your life.

Hi, This is Dr. Geneva!

My story is a testament to the transformative power of resilience, ambition, and authenticity. From a young age, inspired by my parents, who consistently opened doors of opportunity, I found myself in the noble pursuit of sparking change in the world. This led me to a rewarding career in nonprofits and businesses, catalyzing transformation in schools, communities, and neighborhoods by helping them set visions, goals, and actionable strategies.

Despite my fulfilling work, I harbored a dream of expanding this transformation on a larger scale by operating my own business. This aspiration was abruptly halted by the simultaneous loss of my husband of 40 years and my parents, a tragedy that left me feeling voiceless and directionless.

One night, through my tears, I had an enlightening moment, fixated on the dash between birth and death dates in their obituaries. This ‘dash’ symbolized life’s essence, reinforcing my belief in the attainability of goals and giving meaning to my journey. It was this revelation that ignited my resurgence, leading to the birth of my new business, Dr. Geneva Speaks.

I utilized my expertise to turn personal trials into triumphs, and created strategies that have enabled high-achieving women, like myself, to clarify their vision, goals, and life direction. From raising over $100 million for community causes, leading multimillion-dollar organizations, to becoming the first female executive at United Way, I’ve consistently shattered glass ceilings. My work has been recognized at the highest levels; I’ve served on boards or commissions under every Detroit mayor and Michigan governor, and was appointed Vice-chair of the Michigan Women’s Commission.

My unique firsthand experience with the challenges and opportunities faced by high-achieving women solidifies me as an invaluable resource for guiding others through similar journeys. I stand as an embodiment of the powerful transformation that occurs when resilience, authenticity, and ambition intersect.

Join me, as I continue to elevate the success of powerful entrepreneurs, executives, and non-profit leaders worldwide.

I understand that you, as a high-achieving woman, are seeking to unlock your next level of success.

You’re striving to balance your lofty aspirations with the reality of daily responsibilities, managing stress and tasks effectively while setting achievable expectations for yourself. You want to overcome the fear of failure or success and bolster your self-confidence to take calculated risks and remain committed to your goals.

I know that you are seeking clarity on your next steps and a comprehensive blueprint to reach your desired outcomes. You don’t have to decipher this complex puzzle alone. In our transformative journey, we will:

  • Craft a personalized roadmap, finely attuned to your strengths and areas for growth.
  • Forge strategies for self-recognition and self-validation, affirming the value you unequivocally deserve.
  • Instill a renewed sense of confidence within you, empowering you to bring about enduring change while maintaining harmony in all life facets.

Having collaborated with over a thousand high-achieving women, I’ve facilitated life-transforming experiences through strategic goal setting, confidence amplification, and mindset realignment, opening the doors to expansive opportunities.

With advanced degrees in education and extensive experience assisting high-achieving women to navigate through mental and inner imbalances, I bring proven solutions to the table. In our sessions, I will gently guide you to:

  • Gain clarity and foster self-confidence.
  • Make decisive choices aligned with your goals.
  • Draft a detailed action plan, complete with timelines.
  • Stay accountable for your progress, fostering sustained momentum.

Envision 2023 as the year you break free from the chains of inhibitions that have been constraining you. It’s time to step into your power and unlock your potential.

Who Is This For?

✔️ High-earning women leaders seeking to enhance their emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

✔️ High-achieving entrepreneurs aiming for a sharper focus on their vision and goals.

✔️ High-impact non-profit executives looking to chart a decisive path forward.

✔️ Successful women eager to bolster their self-confidence and self-assurance.

✔️ High-achieving women keen on utilizing effective strategies to sustain an elevated state of happiness, joy, and freedom.

Who This Isn't For?

Don’t Just Take My Word For It, Here’s What Previous Clients Have To Say About Me:

“The caveat is that Dr. Geneva gives you the steps to do whatever you set your heart and mind to do!”

“Dr. Geneva’s one-on-one goal setting sessions are unbeatable! She worked with me on pursuing my next high-achieving goal to be a full-time Marketing Strategist & Writer. After her counsel, I took the leap and within 90-days began making five-figures monthly.”

“Dr. Geneva is extremely skillful and masterful in helping women see their visions, write goals and execute them!”

"As an entrepreneur, I had often found myself grappling with uncertainties and apprehensions. The 'Evolve & Elevate Success' coaching program was a paradigm shift for me. Through this journey, I rediscovered my potential, learning to unlock an unshakeable confidence that empowered me to face any challenge head-on. Not only did my financial growth witness an exponential increase, but I also experienced an unparalleled improvement in my overall wellbeing. Navigating through life's transitions became less intimidating, more inspiring. Today, I stand tall as a successful entrepreneur, appreciating every step of my journey and eagerly awaiting what's next."
B. Dean
"The journey through the 'Evolve & Elevate Success' coaching program has been truly transformative. As a high-achieving woman leading a non-profit organization, it was pivotal for me to maintain a balance between my professional objectives and personal aspirations. Through this program, I discovered tools to handle transitions, making each shift an opportunity for growth. My success was no longer just a factor of my professional accomplishments, but also a reflection of my vibrant wellbeing. This journey helped me redefine success and elevate my impact as a non-profit leader."
J. Miller
Non-Profit Executive
"Enrolling in the 'Evolve & Elevate Success' coaching program has been one of the most rewarding decisions I've made. Navigating through midlife transitions while maintaining a high-achieving career often seemed daunting. However, the program provided the strategies and support I needed. I was able to not just manage, but master my life's transitions, which led to exponential financial growth and a boost in my confidence. I've also noticed a substantial improvement in my overall wellbeing. The experience has truly helped me elevate my success as a corporate leader. I'm now more prepared and enthusiastic about what's next in my life and career."
N. Richards
Corporate Leader

If you're prepared to embrace the next phase of your journey, the Evolve & Elevate Success Formula Group Coaching will guide you to:

  • Cultivate emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing
  • Crystalize your visionary pursuits
  • Define actionable goals and life trajectories
  • Develop a clear perspective on navigating life’s transitions
  • Strategically map out your goals aligned with your vision
  • Accelerate your progress towards your milestones

Start Your Journey with the Evolve & Elevate Success Formula Group Coaching: Harness the Power of Collective Growth to Achieve Your Personal and Business Milestones With:

  • Weekly live coaching sessions with me, offering insights and guiding you towards your goals.
  • Transformative visualizations that can bring about profound shifts in your perspective.
  • Comprehensive Q&A sessions with me, providing personalized responses to your questions.
  • Unveiling the key to cultivating confidence irrespective of external circumstances.
  • Private Community – Join our exclusive Facebook group, an engaged community of like-minded individuals on similar journeys.


The initial segment of our coaching journey emphasizes the significance of emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing for high-achieving women. Learn tools and techniques to reduce stress, manage your emotions, improve mental clarity, and maintain physical health. This comprehensive training will empower you to foster resilience and perform at your peak, no matter the challenges you face.


The initial segment of our coaching journey emphasizes the significance of emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing for high-achieving women. Learn tools and techniques to reduce stress, manage your emotions, improve mental clarity, and maintain physical health. This comprehensive training will empower you to foster resilience and perform at your peak, no matter the challenges you face.


Embark on a journey to clarify your deepest aspirations and desires in this training session. You will learn how to formulate your visions into a compelling narrative that aligns with your authentic self and inspires continuous growth and innovation


The third training session focuses on defining actionable goals that translate your visionary pursuits into reality. You will learn to set SMART goals, identify potential obstacles, and craft a life trajectory that propels you forward.


This session explores how to develop a clear perspective on navigating personal and professional life’s transitions. You’ll gain strategies for managing change, learn to view transitions as opportunities for growth, and find ways to maintain equilibrium during times of flux.


A strategic approach to achieving your goals is essential for sustained success. In this training, you will learn how to create a strategic plan that aligns with your vision, prioritizes your efforts, and paves the way for achieving your objectives.


Accelerate your progress towards your milestones with the final training session. Learn to create a momentum-building plan, maintain accountability, and celebrate your successes. This training ensures you’re not just setting goals, but also achieving them.


Accelerate your progress towards your milestones with the final training session. Learn to create a momentum-building plan, maintain accountability, and celebrate your successes. This training ensures you’re not just setting goals, but also achieving them.

Unlock Your Success Potential with My Ironclad Time-Waste-Free Guarantee

Are you ready to start feeling good in your life? It’s about living vibrantly, leading powerfully, and embracing your journey to success.

Don’t let self-doubt hold you back.

I understand your frustration and that’s why I am making a bold promise to you.

I am so confident in the transformative power of this process that I will put my value where my mouth is.

If after completing the entire process, you don’t see positive changes within 30 days, feel like you did not receive help to move to the next step in your business or life, I’ll give you a free, deep-dive one-one session to help reach your goals and successes. 

Why would I do this? Because it’s my gift to you as a demonstration of my commitment to your success.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock your true potential and take the first step towards wild success. Join me now!

-Dr. Geneva Williams

When is it happening: After you sign-up
What time of day: Weekly group coaching and live Q&A
How long is your one-to-one coaching with me: 3 Sessions/60-mins each
Who is Coaching: Dr. Geneva Williams
What does it cost: $2997 value, but $797 for a limited time
Where will it take place: Virtually, on Video, Over the Internet!

Just $9997 ONLY $1597
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