Etiquette in the Workplace, Proper Business Etiquette at Work – Ep. 85 with Cheryl Walker Robertson

Etiquette in the Workplace, Proper Business Etiquette at Work – Ep. 85 with Cheryl Walker Robertson

Cheryl Walker-Robertson is the founder of Protocol International, offering interactive etiquette and protocol workshops and consultations for today’s executives and tomorrow’s business leaders.

Ms.Walker-Robertson is recognized as a person of extraordinary talent and ability and is often in demand as a speaker and expert on issues facing today’s market. Her client range represents Fortune 500 business, government, education, entertainment and more. In addition, her background including 25 years in sales and marketing, Ms. Walker-Robertson has extensive experience in protocol and cultural diversity.

A graduate of Saint Augustine’s College in North Carolina, she has also studied under the direction of Dorothea Johnson, Protocol Adviser and Liaison to the Washington DiplomaticCommunity for the Joint Military Attaché. She is a contributing writer to various trade and business publications.

As an executive with Odyssey Media, Ms. Walker-Robertson develops and implements marketing and sales strategies targeting influential multicultural women. Ms. Walker-Robertson is recognized nationwide for her work with Odyssey Network and is responsible for recruiting women for an unprecedented national networking business retreat.

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Speaker, Author, Thought-Leader… and I really like this one, vibrant living culture creator; Golden Soror of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and Michigan Women’s Commission Appointee. With more than forty years of expertise in business management and personal development, I also have the distinction of receiving the NAWBO Top Businesswoman Award and the Booker T. Washington Legacy Award.

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