Entree or Appetizer: Which Thanksgiving Food Are You?

Entree or Appetizer: Which Thanksgiving Food Are You?

Entree or Appetizer: Which Thanksgiving Food Are You?


From Buzzfeed to Martha Stewart, are you seeing the quiz asking you which Thanksgiving food you identify as? Play along with me for a moment. First, consider your favorite color, favorite Fall activity, and your favorite Fall aesthetic (think of colorful dry leaves, cozy socks and a blanket, a pumpkin, or a dark and scary full moon). Got it? Keep going. Now, think of what your favorite Halloween costume was. Great. Next, name the fuzzy animal you want to cuddle with today. Oh, it gets better. Think of your favorite flavor note (like salty, sweet, bitter, tangy, or savory). Finally, pick your favorite meal – breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or dessert. Turns out that no matter your combination of answers, everyone has a Thanksgiving dish that matches their personality. Truth is, being yourself in a world that tries to convince you to be anything else is your superpower.

Whether you are most likely to scoff at the cranberry sauce, grab a tea instead of coffee, or the one most likely to pass Grandma a sweet treat under the table, you and I have one thing in common this time of year. We feel some kind of way about spending this particular day of feasting alone versus sharing this gathering with family and friends.

Just know that this is a no-judgment zone. If you wear red lipstick and stain my fine china, it’s alright today. 

If you’re a mashed potato, a spiral-cut ham, or a vegan casserole, you are welcome at my table. In this season of thanks and giving, I’m trying 10,000 different ways to show my gratitude no matter what. Sharing a meal together is one. Remember this too – I’m thankful for being good enough and that’s what I want for you too.

Another way to show you my gratitude is to share my favorite lists of affordable luxury styles, beauty, and other finds so that you can look good, feel good, and do good at any age. While passing the plates at the holiday table, let’s agree to let go of passing judgment. Let’s enjoy those sitting around the table and not worry about those who are not. And finally, let’s agree to catch one another living the vibrant life that we design.

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Happy Thanksgiving,


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