Dr. Stacie NC Grant: Legacy of Faith Grows #Faithpreneurs & Entrepreneurs Ep. 81

Dr. Stacie NC Grant: Legacy of Faith Grows #Faithpreneurs & Entrepreneurs Ep. 81



Climbing any success ladder takes constant prayers, a good plan, and resources. A successful person will see how her ideas come full circle once a vision elevates rapidly. Meet Dr. Stacie N.C. Grant, Empowerment Specialist, Event Strategist, TV Media Host, Author & Speaker. She has witnessed an incredible turn-around in her life and business. And, as mind-blowing as it is, Grant can no longer hide the sizzling details.


Grant believes wholeheartedly in the mantra: Prayer is the key. Faith unlocks the door. She knows unfathomably that these are the primary ingredients needed behind every #Faithpreneur and entrepreneur to see their businesses excel.


She recently opened up about two life events that eventually led her in front of thousands of people globally. She remembers her first-grade teacher speaking to her mother about some behaviors on the first day of school. The teacher began the conversation with positive statements but went on to explain one problem. She mentioned how Grant gathered all the classmates and began teaching the students their ABCs. Speaking began for Grant at a young age, and this gift continued to nurture throughout middle school, high school, and college.


Her personality and gifts began to flourish abundantly through more experiences and encounters while growing up. But, there is one other memory that sparks and ignites her spirit to leap daily. It’s the sweet, savory recollections of her grandmother’s solid walk of faith in God. This bond was unique because Grant tuned into her gifts of prayer, speaking, and service to others through the actions of her grandmother.


“God was designing my life all along. I didn’t understand the real purpose, but now things are clearer to me,” she remarked. “Faith was the legacy my grandmother left us.” And, Grant continues to build on this legacy, which has carried her name, gifts, and business to the masses.


She felt challenged through this legacy of faith to be an entrepreneur and settled down the years of work into one movement: #Faithpreneur.


Her life and business took a pivotal turn at the heart of Times Square–the place where millions gather yearly to bring in the New Year. Grant’s new year from a legacy of faith began with her first tribute dinner celebrating her grandmother on her birthday in August, and leading prayer on a new platform. She holds a thriving prayer call every Saturday that connects with people ranging from the states, various countries, and islands.


“We pray over the intentions of what we desire to do, and for God to orchestrate the plans. This prayer call is no pomp and circumstance. It’s a time, where everybody shares,” stated Grant.


Moreover, the outcome of the celebration and turn out was mindblowing, causing her to launch #Faithpreneur Weekend to continue the legacy of her grandmother. Many of the prayer callers register for the conference. Grant defines a #Faithpreneur® as a “faith entrepreneur who exhibits grit, determination, and resilience to establish and monetize their business idea.”

Grant teaches now the importance for every #Faithpreneur and entrepreneur to not only pray but understand the real purpose of growing a niche in business. “I thought everybody was my market,” she said.


By recognizing this mistake, she began to clean up her marketing strategies and approach. Grant used an inquiry-based technique. The critical questions to niche-down are: Who is my avatar? What’s the trend in my business? Who comes and returns to me for services? What’s the pattern in my services? “I know it wasn’t gender-based in my business. It’s faith-based,” Grant acknowledged.


#Faithpreneur Weekend 2K19 guarantees that all attendees will depart with a plan of action for their businesses. Individuals are there to create “sustainable Revenue, Resources, and Relationships.” With a massive, organic reach over 1.3 million, #Faithprenuer Weekend shows steady growth yearly.

Attendees arrive with their laptops ready to work. Each business owner will walk away with a definitive road map for sustainability and profitability. The atmosphere will be charged with faith-energy from guest honorees to trailblazing #Faithpreneurs who have established global brands, and more.


“Faithpreneur Weekend isn’t like the traditional or typical events you attend. We equip all entrepreneurs and #faithpreneurs with tools to be change agents and to position themselves in the marketplace to help others,” remarked Grant.


A new release for #faithpreneurs and entrepreneurs will penetrate the market. Grant will launch Destiny Designer University, a virtual platform for training and development in the fourth quarter of 2019. The virtual classroom encompasses capacity building, soft skills, emotional intelligence, presentation, and leadership skills.


“I’ve learned the art of being in service to people. It’s through faith and service you are elevated. Elevation comes through service because of the education you receive,” Grant emphasized.


Dr. Stacie N.C.Grant is the author of Action Action Despite the Distraction!: 7 Life Lessons to Thrive & Live Your Destiny. Dr. Stacie NC Grant also has the distinction of being one of world-renowned Les Brown’s notable Platinum Speakers and one of his expert trainers.

Meet Dr. Stacie NC Grant and be part of the movement by registering for the event at: FaithpreneurWeekend.com

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