Dr. Gail Hayes: The Power of a Woman Who Leads

Dr. Gail Hayes: The Power of a Woman Who Leads

Every woman is born with a unique calling on her life, but so often she chooses to settle for less than God’s best. In this show, hear author and speaker Dr. Gail M. Hayes share tips so that women everywhere will be empowered to…
take risks and silence fearsdiscover their mission and accomplish their goalsbecome ignited with passion to fulfill their destinylead without anxiety or apologyencourage others on their path to success
Dr. Gail M. Hayes (www.drgailhayes.com)  is a television & radio host, much sought after international conference speaker and Executive Leadership Coach whose main focus is the message of the IPD Principle (Identity, Purpose, Destiny). She is also the author of several books and the CEO of the Handle Your Business Girl Empowerment Zone where she empowers women to handle their business where they do business!

Her passion is to help those women find ways to manage their stress, build networks of support and to live balanced, joyful lives. She is a woman who handles her business where she does business and she wants to help other women do the same.

Her motto is that “every woman is called to lead somebody,somewhere, to do something great!”

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Speaker, Author, Thought-Leader… and I really like this one, vibrant living culture creator; Golden Soror of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and Michigan Women’s Commission Appointee. With more than forty years of expertise in business management and personal development, I also have the distinction of receiving the NAWBO Top Businesswoman Award and the Booker T. Washington Legacy Award.

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