Do Good: Confidently know the right time to do the right thing

Do Good: Confidently know the right time to do the right thing

Do Good: Confidently know the right time to do the right thing

When given the option, people tend to do the easy thing. Now I’m not suggesting that’s the case for you or me, but we all know what I’m saying is correct. Something in our nature compels many of us to take the path of least resistance. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that doing the easy thing is less complicated than doing the right thing.  I’ve heard it said that ‘usually the hard choice is the right choice.’ So, if doing the right thing is in our best interest, and possibly beneficial for the common good of others around us, let’s agree to make a way instead of making more excuses that do us no good.

When you ask yourself, How can you be sure that you’re making the best decision at the right time, you are headed toward the road of creating your next you.

Pay close attention to these telltale signs that you are taking the higher road and improving your decision-making:

      1. You are aware that the choices you are considering include an unpopular option and you’re okay with not fitting in this time.
      2. You know that the easy option is only temporary and you are ready for long-lasting change.
      3. You have felt regret, shame, or guilt when you’ve made the same decision before and you recognize that you can no longer partake in self-sabotage.

The present is always the right time to do good for yourself and for those in the world around you. Don’t believe me? Here’s why doing the right thing can work in your favor.

      1. Shifting your decisions to allow for outcomes that result in achieving your best interest creates a feeling of confidence and security.
      2. When you feel confident and secure in your decision-making, you can realistically assess your competence and capacity.

When you are aware of your boundaries and limitless potential, you position yourself to achieve more in life that aligns with all that is meant for you.

When we know better, we do better. When you are on the road less traveled, you can experience one of my favorite outward expressions of being a ‘Do-gooder;’ that is when you confidently speak and use your voice with authority against wrong and negativity.

There are powerful reasons for doing good and making tough decisions that prove good for you in the long run. I’ll share these secrets:

      • Improvement is optimal. Be okay with progress and not perfection.
      • You deserve success…on your terms. You slay self-defeat by making better choices. Your subconscious is eating what you feed it. So feed it positive self-talk because you feel better about yourself then you do better for yourself.
      • Uncertainty is common, but your response to it doesn’t have to be. Embrace uncertainty by choosing decisions that may be hard at first, but will certainly produce golden results in time.

Here’s more on why you should focus on doing good at the right time:

Ripple Effect of Doing Good

As we choose choices that reflect our best selves consistently, an interesting thing happens: We create a ripple effect. By setting an example and inspiring others to do the same – like one drop of water leaving behind ripples on a tranquil lake – your actions (even seemingly small ones!) have the ability to push others along this journey towards positivity and change their course for good.

Tuning In To Your Inner Compass

How can one confidently choose when and what action are necessary to meet goals and follow through? Achieving such confidence begins by understanding your values, principles and heeding your internal compass; which has been constructed over years of experiences, teachings and introspection. Sometimes we miss hearing this “soft whisper or nudge”, however; to better hear it take time each day away from external noise and distractions (meditation or journal writing, quiet reflection time…) so as to reconnect with yourself reintroduce yourself back in touch with who are inside!

Understanding the Big Picture

When we act for good, it’s essential to recognize our place within an even larger whole. Even difficult choices have ripple effects which benefit communities, societies or even the entire globe – not only providing immediate satisfaction of doing right for someone or something but having lasting consequences as well.

Obstacles Are Opportunities In Hiding

Each time a difficult choice presents itself, view it as an opportunity to expand and strengthen your character. Challenges don’t pose roadblocks but offer you opportunities for self-knowledge and growth; embrace them! They help shape you into becoming someone special!


From what I understand, you’ve got goals to reach. Fear is paralyzing. It’s a goal-killer. Meanwhile, your time is precious and quite limited, and overthinking is fear’s best friend. To save time and defeat fear, over analysis, guilt, and uncertainty, choose to stand out. You were not born to fit in. Unleash the Fabulous YOU and watch the rewards flow your way.

In an age where short cuts and quick fixes seem the way of the future, choosing integrity may appear antiquated or counterintuitive; yet its rewards are immeasurable; not just personal fulfillment but in terms of legacy, lives touched, and global influence shaped. So the next time you face an important choice remember that doing good should not just be seen as one-time decision but embraced with pride as something lasting through time and place.

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