Disorders, Actions, and Reactions Caused by Worrying Too Much

Disorders, Actions, and Reactions Caused by Worrying Too Much

Worry & Procrastinating

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Worry and procrastinating impacts your actions. It not only makes you procrastinate–this causes other reactions.

As if all this isn’t enough, worry can tackle you in ways that impact your actions and behaviors.

More specifically, it has a way of keeping us from getting things done.

People who spend a lot of time worrying, struggle in many ways you might not have realized:

Here are 4 ways worry impacts your actions.

  • Procrastination

Being able to do something right can intimidate to the point where you start avoiding the work necessary to get things done.

  • Avoidance

Procrastination, at least, allows you to get something done, eventually.

Avoidance stops you cold.

When you overthink about doing something to this extent, you’ll find you never get back to the task.

  • Perfectionism

Worry over whether something is good enough is what causes you to keep tweaking a project long after you’ve finished it.

This is simply because you can’t accept it’s ever ready to turn in.

  • Overanalyzing

Having trouble because you feel like you need a contingency plan for your contingency plan?

You’re overthinking it, most likely because thoughts of failure consume your mind.

This happens when you become so caught up, you never take the plunge into action because you’re still trying to work out your escape plan for the twenty-third time.

Final thoughts

In short, thinking too much will stall you out and keep you stuck. Now imagine doing this so much you stay exactly as you are, indefinitely.

Worry doesn’t seem quite so innocuous anymore, does it?

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