Creating Fearless Opportunities At Any Age

Creating Fearless Opportunities At Any Age

Dr. Geneva Williams SpeakingEver look at some fearless individuals throughout history that have lived and are presently living such as Martin Luther King Jr, Oprah Winfrey, Mahatma Gandhi, and Tiger Woods?

And wonder how they manage to create such memorable impacts and fearless opportunities?

Pretty sure you have and some of them might have attained the role model status in your books.

In line with that, I will give you some tips for living above your fears and creating fearless opportunities like those people you admire.

Make Role Models Of Fearless People.

The number one key to living a fearless life with fearless opportunities is getting a role model that lives the way you would love to.

Connect with them as much as you can either through a book or in person or through the internet.

You will be sure to learn a few tips that can steer you towards creating fearless opportunities irrespective of your age.

Don’t Be Scared To Look Silly.

Many whose names we positively remember and still reflect on long after they’re earthly departure, didn’t attain such widespread popularity effortlessly.

They had to cross hurdles and fall on their faces every once in a while.

However, right after, the pitfalls and all they got up, shook off the dust from their feet and kept pushing.

Some of such greats are Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X.

This goes to say that while you are seeking to create fearless opportunities, don’t be afraid to look out of place and make mistakes.

These mistakes come with lessons that would guide you towards getting it right at the next attempt.

Seek Out Tough Love Teachers.

Now, we are talking about a person who would critically appraise your work and be ever willing to tell you when you’ve “missed it” without sugar coating words.

The person should also be able to point you in the right direction so that you’ll achieve your desires without making too many errors.

To Create Fearless Opportunities, Kill Your Fears.

Ever heard of the saying that you can’t give what you don’t have?

Well, in relation to this case, you can’t create opportunities devoid of fear if you yourself are filled with fear.

So look within, whatever frightful thought or believe that can hold you back, should be flushed right out of your mind and life.

Believe you can achieve what you set out for and you sure will.

Be Willing To Inspire.

You may think that you have not achieved enough or crossed enough hurdles in order to be regarded as a source of inspiration to others.

In truth, here’s where you are wrong. Let go of your fears and just step out.

Look for something around you that you can make better, join a volunteer group, start a new business or just cater to people around you in the best way you can.

Focus on impacting lives one step at a time and soon that drop of water attempt would become an ocean and you will feel fulfilled.


Overall, creating fearless opportunities irrespective of age is not as difficult as it may seem.

It depends largely on you developing a “yes I can” mentality and also surrounding yourself with the right role models and teachers.

That said, discussed above are some tips for creating fearless opportunities at any age.

I would love to come to your next event, seminar or workshop to speak more on creating fearless opportunities.

Now, contact me here for more inquiries and details.

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