Carol Goss Talks About Warrior Women Against Poverty – Ep. 16

Carol Goss Talks About Warrior Women Against Poverty – Ep. 16

Carol Goss retired after nearly a decade as the Skillman Foundation’s president & CEO. During her tenure, the Foundation underwent major strategic shifts, including becoming an embedded funder working on-the-ground in six neighborhoods.

Goss, a social worker by training, championed that effort and became a voice for children in the city when few others were beating that drum.

Carol Goss

Because of Carol Goss, the landscape of work for Detroit children has been reengineered. Because of her leadership, groups like Excellent Schools Detroit, Data Driven Detroit, Osborn Neighborhood Alliance, Congress of Communities Southwest Detroit, and Cody Rouge Community Action Alliance are in place now, moving outcomes for kids.

Today, Goss is the Founder of Warrior Women Against Poverty. 

“It is a movement of African American women who are working to support and mentor some of our most vulnerable women and their children. We started 2 years ago after spending a year at Harvard on a fellowship and we now work in partnership with COTS to help these women move towards self sufficiency.  They all want jobs and stable housing and more education and better lives for their children,” said Goss.
Leaders have to take risks, walk in paths that have not been used, and be patient for results. Leaders must also show compassion and not be judgemental.  Warrior Women Against Poverty is leading the way and showing others how they can change lives one woman and one family at a time.
Goss was named, “Persons of the Week” by WXYZ TV (an ABC affiliate). See the Warrior Women Against Poverty video==> click here.

carol goss and dr geneva williams
Carol Goss and Dr. Geneva Williams

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