dr geneva williams creating the next you

Creating Your Next You!

If you’re struggling to determine your life’s direction or simply want to reinvent yourself, this highly-anticipated ebook will guide you through every step of your journey…for FREE!

women in leadership over 50

Women Leaders Over 50

As A Successful Woman Leader Over 50, Do You Often Wonder What The Heck You Are Going To Do With The Second Half Of Your Life?


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Worried You’re Not Good Enough in Leadership? In leadership, sometimes you may wonder if you are good enough. In my two part e-book series, I provide key tips to overcome worry and stay positive.

Ignite 2 Impact Podcast

Ignite 2 Impact Podcast Dr. Geneva Williams

After a 40+ year career as an award-winning, innovative nonprofit leader, Dr. Geneva Williams reinvented herself as an author, international speaker, podcaster and title-holding advocate for women to live fit, fine and a vibrant life. A late-life beauty queen, entrepreneur, and online course creator, Dr. Geneva shows women that you can do anything at any age. She delivers a powerful message on legacy and leadership....

The Vibrant Life Blueprint

Dr. Geneva Williams The Vibrant Life Blueprint

How To Become A Masterful Architect Of  Work-Life Balance And A Powerful Influencer  Who Will Always Own The Room As you sit there and read every word on this page, I want you to imagine what your lifestyle would be like when your personal...

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