How To Become A Masterful Architect Of 

Work-Life Balance And A Powerful Influencer 

Who Will Always Own The Room

Dr. Geneva Williams

As you sit there and read every word on this page, I want you to imagine what your lifestyle would be like when your personal and professional life is more balanced, and in your full control.

If you’re a high-achieving woman that’s struggling to figure out how you can live a vibrant life while raising a family, advancing in your career, and contributing to your community, then you’re going to LOVE the juicy details I have to share with you on this page.

Now imagine what it’s like to emanate an energy of confidence that commands respect and interest just from your presence alone.

This reality does not have to stay in your mind; it can be one in which you literally experience if you allow me to show you how to do so.

I know you have a lot on your plate and are stretched real thin, but it’s time for you to start dominating your life again and get back in sync!

I know what you’re thinking….

You’re wondering how in the world can you get it together right now when you’re feeling so mentally and physically drained. Between workplace and business politics to all the personal things you need to do at home…it’s crazy.

You spend so much time taking care of others at work and at home to the point where you hardly have any time for yourself. You’re unsure of how you can possibly make yourself a priority, and it’s been such a challenge for you trying to figure out a solution.

On top of that, you really want to help out in the community, but you just can’t sacrifice the time to do more.

Look, I know exactly what you’re going through because I went through the same thing when I was your age…until…

I discovered 4 simple steps that changed my life forever…

and will change yours too!

Dr. Geneva Williams
  1. Create Personal Vision (so you can imagine your future today)
  2. Activate Goals(so you can get your purpose on)
  3. Discover your influencer style (so you can Own The Room and expand your capabilities)
  4. Plan an amazing self-care routine (so you can get it and keep it together)

Now that you know what the steps are, you need to know how to apply them to your life…and that’s exactly what I’m here to show you.

You see, after 35+ years spent as an executive, leading major organizations while still managing to have a vibrant life, raise my family and contribute to my community, I realized that there is an entire generation of women who have no idea that it is even possible.

And even if it is possible, have no idea how to start.

It’s important to me that I lend a hand to the next generation – your generation – and assist you with learning exactly how to design a life full of purpose, power, and vibrancy.

This baby boomer has your back!


Self Empowerment : The Vibrant Life Blueprint

… a life changing, video-based training course where you learn how to:

  • Identify easy, practical approaches to life balance that help keep you from being overwhelmed and spread too thin
  • Apply proven problem-solving methods that help you “figure it out” so you can achieve your goals and live your life purpose
  • Choose self-care activities that put you at the top of your priority list with little guilt
  • Use visioning techniques to imagine your future and shape your everyday reality
  • Find time to volunteer and contribute to your community while gaining life balance for yourself
  • Practice leadership strategies that reclaim your time, focus, energy and inspiration
  • Create a more influential personal presence that “owns a room” with confidence

I took all of my experience – everything I know and have learned – and distilled it into The Vibrant Life Blueprint Course, to give you the secrets to designing a unique Action Plan that will assist you with creating your own vibrant, successful life and career.

Isn’t it time for you to finally live the life you deserve, and…

  • Go from feeling frazzled, overwhelmed and out of balance to being in control and knowing how to say “Yes” to you
  • Go from someone that nobody notices, to someone who is influential, and people listen to
  • Go from being indecisive about the future and your next steps to being confident about your Blueprint for a vibrant life
  • Go from being unproductive to knowing how to handle your time, attitude and efforts, increasing your chances to get paid
  • Go from feeling like you can’t sacrifice the time to do more to becoming an expert on strategies to balance your life and advance your career
  • Go from feeling uninspired with little energy to being free from self-limiting thoughts and actions that have been holding you back

So how much is living a vibrant life worth to you?

I see so many high-achieving women spend countless amount of time trying to figure out how to finally win at being successful while maintaining balance in their lives…and before they know it, years go by and nothing has changed.

When an opportunity for change presents itself to them, procrastination becomes their best friend…but I know that’s not you.

I know you’re ready for a change.

The fact that you’re reading this page shows how much you truly want a breakthrough, and you want it now.

The Vibrant Life Blueprint Course is my way of giving back, and it’s my pleasure to give back to you.

It’s my way of giving you that one-on-one attention through video, while at the same time you are able to learn at your own pace since you have lifetime access to the course.

Not only will you receive my professionally filmed videos, but all 4 modules contain downloadable handouts, worksheets, and checklists to go along with the videos.

Get Instant Access to

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Self Empowerment : The Vibrant Life Blueprint

I sincerely hope to have the honor of assisting you.  I look forward to hearing your success story.

Dr. Geneva

About Dr. Geneva J. Williams,
Founder of The Vibrant Life Blueprint

Dr. Geneva Williams

Award-winning executive and published author Geneva Jones Williams, EdD, CEO of Dr. Geneva Speaks, is a sought-after executive coach to business executives, entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders. She is a catalyst for change and her reputation as a game changer is well established, especially in Detroit, where she has consistently been a trailblazing civic leader.

Dr. Geneva led the United Way in metropolitan Detroit and was their first female president and chief executive officer. She founded City Connect Detroit—an innovative national model of public-private cooperation—and launched Figure Skating in Detroit, a leadership development program for girls. She raised millions for community change initiatives, and served as a university professor and as superintendent of a public school system.

Today, Dr. Geneva consults with nonprofits like Detroit Future City and The Kresge Foundation. She hosts a weekly podcast, Ignite2Impact, on iTunes and iHeart Radio— featuring insightful conversations with innovative leaders in business, nonprofits, government and the arts.

Through her company, Dr. Geneva Speaks, she consults, coaches, speaks locally and nationally, and teaches classes online in strategic planning, collaboration, change management, leadership development, work-life balance, and philanthropy.

Dr. Geneva is a native of Neptune Township, N.J., and an alumna of Morgan State University who also earned a doctorate in education from Wayne State University. Recently, she was honored as a Golden Soror of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority; crowned Ms. Black Fit & Fine; and is recognized by Crain’s Detroit Business as one of Detroit’s most influential women.