An Open Letter to Every Vibrant Woman About Leaving A Legacy

An Open Letter to Every Vibrant Woman About Leaving A Legacy

Dear Vibrant Woman,

Leaving a legacy is a beautiful thing. Every vibrant woman should do so.

People often ask me for my opinion when it comes to the topic of leaving a legacy.

First, I want to say that legacy is important because you want everything you began to continue to grow after God calls you home.

You’re not going to live in this world forever.

So you will not be able to do every single thing that needs to be done to complete various initiatives during your lifetime.

This is why you must build up other leaders to take over and move things forward.

Here’s the problem with how most vibrant women begin to leave their legacy.

Often times when you get to the age where you start thinking about leaving a legacy, much focus and attention are on teaching.

It’s easy to forget to contribute to community initiatives; as if teaching others is a replacement for that.

Well, not so!

I recognize that at this point in my life and career I may not be doing things the exact same way as before, but I’m still doing my part.

I’m still a solutionist – I haven’t quit being one just because I teach.

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Here’s the solution to leave a legacy

I like teaching and having that connection with young people, but I also believe in staying in the mix myself and continuing to push forward.

The fact of the matter is: I’ve got too much intellectual capital to just leave it all on the table.

To me, it’s not about choosing one or the other, but about doing a both!

Baby Boomers talk a lot about giving back, but I’m not really a giving back type of leader because that almost seems as though I’m disconnected from what’s going on.

Instead of leaving and then giving back, I prefer to lend a hand while I’m in the middle of it all. I’m gonna stay right there in the mix connecting with the younger generations.

Baby boomers, Gen-X, and millennials need to work together, and honor and respect what each brings to the table. There’s so much we all can learn from each other.

So yes, I pass the baton, but I also stay in the race!

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