Hi! I'm Dr. Geneva J. Williams

A Vibrant Life Coach, Business Strategist, Author, Entrepreneur, Golden Soror…plus some.

I’m a whole lotta woman. And please don’t be fooled by the age and the wisdom of my years, honey, ‘cuz I’m not ready to sit down.

Who you see today is the product of humble beginnings in Neptune Township, NJ. Mama and Daddy, Blanche and Ermon Jones, raised me well and I live to make them proud. As a grown independent woman, I had it all - the firsts, the titles, the cash flow, the influence, the prestige, the happy home…until I didn’t. Becoming a widow, and letting go of my dear Otha, and also witnessing both of my parents' passing, within a short number of years, pulled a number on me. Transition after retirement turned into turbulence. I went from moving on up to sliding down fast; talk about being stuck and having no clue what to do, where to turn next, and who to trust. In other words, I felt overwhelmed, confused, and stuck. That WAS me. Since then, I’ve figured out my next best steps, gotten my figure together (yes, I did win Ms. Black Fit & Fine at 69...and yes, I date in my golden years), and I’ve gotten my figure$ up. Through my books, podcasts, coaching & consulting sessions, and a flourishing membership community, I am now helping millions of women do the same.

About Dr. Geneva Williams

Many people ask, So how did you pull it all together?

It all started with being okay with not being okay and when I stopped burning the candle at both ends. I learned that I could design the life I really wanted. And now, I’m on a mission to help millions of women go from being confused or overwhelmed by life to being that “own the room” woman who is well-balanced, confident, and can figure out what’s next through her seasons of transitions.

These credentials matter. This level of expertise comes to you with a BS in English from Morgan State University, an MSW in Community Organization/Public Policy from Bryn Mawr College, an earned Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Wayne State University; and Lord knows, I’ve gained my Ph.D. in Life too. So, let me tell you a bit about the trail that I’ve blazed.

In a first for the United Way of Metropolitan Detroit, I rose through the ranks to CEO as its first Black Woman Executive Leader. Later, I founded City Connect Detroit, an innovative national model of public-private cooperation. Next, I launched Figure Skating in Detroit, a leadership development program for girls. I’ve raised millions for community change initiatives and served as a university professor and as superintendent of a public school system. Now, I am thoroughly enjoying retirement on my terms, and no, I’m not your average grandma. If anything, I’m more like a Fairy Godmother with a whole millennial vibe.

Leaning into my college DJ experience, I do love me some radio and podcasting. I host a weekly podcast, Ignite2Impact, on iTunes and iHeart Radio, and stream it LIVE across your favorite social media platforms. It’s the place to design a vibrant life and a better world…and wow, do we cover the gamut of life, love, entrepreneurship, and leading successful lives and organizations. 

About Dr. Geneva Williams
About Dr. Geneva Williams

Some of the hats that fit me well are:

Speaker, Author, Thought-Leader… and I really like this one, vibrant living culture creator; Golden Soror of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and Michigan Women’s Commission Appointee. With more than forty years of expertise in business management and personal development, I also have the distinction of receiving the NAWBO Top Businesswoman Award and the Booker T. Washington Legacy Award. 

I’ve learned to drink while I pour and am committed to helping millions of women replenish themselves, invest in themselves and find purpose and direction in life through my ‘What’s Next Formula’ experience.

I’ve imagined limitless possibilities and am now a viral sensation on TikTok (@drgenevaspeaks) where I show up as a Vibrant Life Coach and Business Strategist teaching tips to scale in life and business. It’s not a surprise. I saw it coming…literally, that’s the power of manifestation.

I coined the term Vibrantpreneur because looking good, feeling good, and doing good is central to living a vibrant life and creating a better world around you. In this second act of life, my focus is on YOU and helping you thrive in the Dash.


What's the Dash?

What horizontal line you see on the cover of obituaries between the day a person was born and the day they died. That dash is the meaning of what you represent in this life…

And it’s not over for you!

There’s no number after it. You’re still in the process of living it, so why not live it with IMPACT. 

How are you going to impact your personal growth and development, your career and business, and your community?

What do you contribute to this world? What will your legacy be? 

Now you’re starting to see how important that dash is…

And the great thing is that you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself.

I’m going to show you how to navigate the turning points you’ve reached in your life so you can move forward with confidence and make your dash meaningful and full of personal, professional, and community impact. I’m dedicated to helping YOU create a high-value, personal action plan for a vibrant, happy life full of purpose and power.


You can get a start on living vibrantly by getting my best-selling ebook, “Creating Your Next You.” Then, follow @drgenevaspeaks across your favorite social communities, and say yes to becoming a next-level version of yourself and growing your business with my coaching and consulting services. 


I am CEO and founder of Dr. Geneva Speaks, where I am one of the most recognized personal development and leadership coaches in Michigan…and I’m coming for that title in every state.


Work With Me

We all need someone to talk to that is able to listen and give insight into various areas of life.  Every great leader, somewhere along the line has had a parent, teacher, big sister, or coach that they could trust. You may need someone who has lived it and can be a how-to guide. I am her.

Businesses and nonprofit organizations come to us because they:

feel uncertain about their organization’s future;

are experiencing a leadership void; and,

want mission-centered Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as part of the culture.

In turn, my team helps redesign a promising future, closes the leadership gap when there’s a transition, and prepares the workplace culture for next-level leadership.

Partial List of Clients & Press

Customers reviews

Dr. Geneva really helped us get very clear about the steps and processes we need to take to create our vision and being intentional about vision. To taking it and manifesting it to get the life that you absolutely deserve and desire.
About Dr. Geneva Williams
Charmaine Brown
For the first time, I was able to stop in my tracks and imagine the things I had been thinking and envisioning about my future while making a commitment to do them. It is extraordinary to be able to achieve my goals with a group of women who are committed to achieving their goals and designing new results for their lives. Thank you Dr. Geneva!
About Dr. Geneva Williams
Tisha Hammond
Dr. Williams is a thoughtful, focused, and strategic leader in Detroit. She took on a leadership role in a school district where I was also serving and helped navigate a difficult culture and very challenging political climate. I was impressed by her direct, compassionate communication style and her ability to bring the focus back to how to best serve our students.
About Dr. Geneva Williams
Paul Hudson Mack