A Guide to Living Your Fabulous & Vibrant Life

A Guide to Living Your Fabulous & Vibrant Life

dr geneva williamsFabulous and vibrant living can be defined as enthusiasm, full of life and full of energy. It is what separates the basic from the brilliant.

These are the keys to making mediocre, exceptional and conventional to extraordinary.

A fabulous, vibrant woman, therefore, is living life with more enthusiasm.

Living life as it comes can be so basic, especially when you set no expectations and take time out to enjoy the beauties of life.

All of these prevent you from living your best fabulous, vibrant life.  However, all hope is not lost.

Here are 5 tips to help you start living your fabulous, vibrant life.

Eat Right and Exercise

Eating right and exercise is one of the ways through which you can begin living a fabulous, vibrant life.

In order to enjoy the opportunities life gives to you, it is essential that you become mindful of your diet and keep away from meals that might leave you tired or slowly contribute to some type of illness.

Also, how else would you be able to move at the same place as life does without being physical fit to do so?

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This is why you also need exercises. Life moves fast and you need to be fit to move at life’s pace.

Sitting on the couch stuffing yourself with alcohol or sugar is definitely not living life the right way, eating right and keeping fit is.

Keep Tabs on Your Spending

Yes, money! How else am I expected to live my fabulous, vibrant life without spending as much money as I want?

You can still live. Living a vibrant life definitely doesn’t involve breaking the bank, but it involves living life within your means as well as you can.

Let all your expenses be within your income and definitely try to make the right choice while spending.

If you think a Lamborghini would be give you joy then buy it if you can afford it.

If you can’t, rather than incurring a debt by taking a loan to buy it, reconsider and make a different choice.

A trip might just be what you need. Keep a record of your expenses as it makes it easier to keep tabs.

However, don’t spend all of your money in one place or at one go.

Tuck some away; you never know when you might need it. But if you can afford it and makes you happy. Buy It!

Radiate Positivity

The key to living a fabulous life is definitely positivity.

Keeping a positive attitude as you move through life allows you to enjoy life regardless of whatever turn it takes.

Do not dwell on negativity and your problems. If you give negativity a voice, it becomes you. But if you throw enough positivity at it, then you can work through it.

Appreciate Your Present Life

Before seeking a different life, appreciate the one you have right now.

Be thankful for your blessings, no matter how little. Focusing on a life you do not have can be a downer and make it impossible for you to live a fabulous, vibrant life.

Keep Records

Keep records of all your experiences. Acknowledge what you enjoyed and what you didn’t. This would enable you to do better and appreciate how much you have done. 

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