7 Surprising Ways Women Over 50 Use Their iPhone

7 Surprising Ways Women Over 50 Use Their iPhone

7 Surprising Ways Women Over 50 Use Their iPhoneAre you above 50 with an Apple iPhone?

Apple’s iPhone users cherish the amazing features of the device, like women users who are over 50 years of age.

One thing you may struggle to believe is that women over 50 love and enjoy the iPhone device more than younger ones.

But your belief about who enjoys iPhone more isn’t the concern of this piece.

Priority is on the 7 amazing ways women over 50 use their iPhone, and trust me when you see how these women use their iPhone, you’ll agree they really make the best use of this device.

Here are 7 Surprising Ways Women Over 50 Use Their iPhone

  1. To Track Locations They Visit

Women over 50 always cherish places of interest they visit from time to time, and that’s why you see them describing those places without any challenges. But with their iPhone, having a complete history of those places is a possibility. From the settings option on the device, tap location services, system services, and check “frequent locations” option to enjoy this amazing feature.

  1. As A Compass Tool

With the aid of the iPhone, women over 50 have nothing to worry about when traveling from one place to another, via unknown routes. Its response is faster than the ordinary smartphone and its compass too is amazing, huge, and quite easy to use to track one’s proposed destination.

  1. To Track Nearby Apps

A tap on “Near Me,” a small innocuous option at the bottom of the app store, will display all the popular apps around one’s location. Women over 50 too use their iPhone to enjoy this very rare opportunity online, in a bid to stay connected with their friends and online well-wishers.

  1. To Give Varied Vibration To Friends

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The monotonous vibration on an ordinary smartphone could be disturbing, unappealing and tiring. Instead, you may want to vary the vibration tune you get when your friends put calls across to you. Women over 50 spice things up via this unique iPhone feature. To use it, go to contacts, tap find someone, and hit edit, at the top-right-hand corner. Go to vibration, tap default, scroll down to “Create New Vibration,” and create cool vibrations for your friends.

  1. To Take Rapid Amazing Photos

Women over 50 enjoy using their iPhone to take clear and lovely photos at public events. The iPhone, as you are aware, has a blazing processor which helps one to take rapid pictures. When you’re talking about photos without blemish, nothing does it better than iPhone.

  1. To Show Whether Planes Are Flying Above Someone

Women over 50 love adventures a lot. At times, they want to know whether airplanes are flying over the place they are standing or sitting, and that’s only possible with their iPhone, though they won’t see the airplanes.

  1. To Make And Receive Calls

Surprised? You don’t have any reason to be. Women over 50 too have friends and are in one relationship or the other. So, it is normal for them to put calls across to their loved ones, receive calls, send or receive text messages. 

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