6 Successful Habits Women Over 50 Use For Their Most Vibrant Life

6 Successful Habits Women Over 50 Use For Their Most Vibrant Life

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Let’s admit it. As we get older we keep some habits but we learn and form new ones. You know the saying– it takes 21 days to form a habit, and 2 consistent months to form a new behavior.

The mindset and body changes like the weather. It’s important to listen when these parts tell you the time has come to shift.

Even aging requires new behaviors to form habits and thoughts that generate enjoyment instead of feeling endangered by negatives.

You learn the difference between old habits that once attracted toxic things and new habits which push them aside to enter a vibrant lifestyle.  

So, I believe that as women grow with beautiful seasoning, we begin to understand the vibrant life to be a lifestyle.

It’s about feeling great daily! And releasing the things that really have no meaning.

Here are 6 habits women use for their most vibrant life.

Pay close attention to what you eat.

Unwanted changes to the body (internal and external) have no age limit. Usually, as you age, health becomes more of a concern. And, everyone is trying to find the fountain of youth daily. Watch your sugar and carb intakes. Your body needs water, high proteins, veggies, and fruits.  


Perhaps exercise is a goal and you haven’t started this new journey. I suggest joining a gym or local YMCA. For budgeting purposes, look into Planet Fitness. They have monthly programs as low as low as $10 with NO contract.  Invest in a trainer to avoid any injuries. A trainer helps to push you. And, if you don’t know what you’re doing, they assist, praise, and push you harder. Have a buddy or bestie to talk about your workouts with. Trust me. These conversations are mentally stimulating and will keep this mindset strong.  

Rise light and sweet.

Go to bed early and wake early. Your body needs proper rest. Try to get six to eight hours of rest each night. Research shows that your brain and body functions better with proper rest and care. The brain can be most creative during early mornings. Rising early is also good for exercising, meditating, praying and journaling.  

Give back to your community.

There’s something special and fulfilling about giving back to people. You can find many non-profit organizations in your area to volunteer your time. Seeing smiles on the faces and simply knowing that you’ve helped someone comes with many benefits.

Spend Glam-ma time with the grandchildren.

Ahh! We can’t forget this one. What glam-ma doesn’t enjoy hearing the giggles and giving tons of little kisses to the little ones. They are such a joy to be around. There is such pleasure to sit and have conversations with them about life.

Have your favorite glass of wine.

An occasional glass of wine is not a bad idea. A glass of wine eases the tensions of the day. Studies show that one glass of red wine is good for your health. It relaxes you and is another way to relax after a long day.

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