3 Reasons Why Gen-Xers Look Up to Their Moms

3 Reasons Why Gen-Xers Look Up to Their Moms

Gen-Xers look up to their moms for many reasons. 

This blog discusses three primary reasons why baby boomer moms continue to impact the Gen-Xer’s life. 

If you grew up in a time where you saw the invent of technology and the struggle people went through to own a landline or even make calls, you probably are a Gen-Xer. 

There is a reason why those in this generation are called the latchkey children who went through the helicopter parenting of the Baby Boomers. 

The truth, however, is that amidst the vices that were in play during their evolution as children to young adults and finally to their mid ages, there are what you could call silver linings and some Gen-Xers actually do look up to their mothers. 

Here are 3 reasons why Gen-Xer’s look up to their moms. 


A lot of the Gen-Xers come from homes that have gone through a divorce. 

They were born and nurtured in a time where the focus was on their parents and self-actualization and not necessarily children. 

So their childhood was ridden with a lot of divorces. 

It was a mirror effect worldwide and children were literally no longer the focus as parents were not willing to stay together for their sake. 

History tells us that the rate of divorce peaked in the 1980s and this dealt a blow on a lot of Gen-Xers.

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 Their parents separated and the mother was always left with the children seeing that only nine states in America at the time supported joint custody. 

Children grew up to see their mothers work tirelessly to put them through life, and this is definitely a trait worthy of emulation. 

So they are likely to look up to their moms because they were the ones who were there at all times. 

Work Ethics

The Gen-Xers grew up as latchkey children who were left at home most of the time unattended. 

So they had phases of fear which grew into resentment and finally to a lack of care. 

They grew up unbothered by any adult mostly because their moms had to work. 

A lot of Gen-Xers confess to the fact that they were taught early how to show up at work no matter what. 

They understood the need to always show up and do what is expected of them. 

They are more likely to look up to their mothers because of the work ethics they have learned from them.

The Invention of Technology

The invention of technology followed Gen-Xers.

This is probably why they have been recorded to accomplish great things and blaze the trail when it comes to technology. 

Their parents, on the other hand, have had to learn albeit at an old age what technology is about and how to navigate this pool. 

If you have had your Boomer mother ask for help regarding Instagram or Facebook, you would understand why Gen-Xers shake their heads and smile.

They are resilient in their decision to learn and this is something the Gen-Xers thoroughly appreciate. The ability to learn at any time and at any age.

The Boomer moms are in the generation that grew up not in the best of times. 

But their Gen-Xers definitely know how to learn from their experiences. 


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