Ep. 69 Ola Jackson: Inspires Women of Color to Engage In Self-Care

For 28 years, as president of OWN: Onyx Woman Network, Ola Jackson has been a voice and given a voice to women in business.

It was Mother’s Day 1991, when Ola received a handmade Mother’s Day card from her husband and son and a check that would redirect her path from employee to business owner. Ola created an 8-page local newsletter that grew into a national business magazine called Onyx Woman.

She expanded to produce sell-out women’s conferences, a television talk show and began speaking around the country.


Through her encounters with her audience, Ola noticed that women expressed that, although successful on the outside, there was something missing in their desire to thrive for inner-peace and confidence.

At the same time as she was evaluating her own life-lessons, (the mother of an autistic adult son and caregiver to her 80-year old mother), is when she began to appreciate the value of taking care  of herself while dealing with the challenges of caring for others.

She was encouraged to turn this moment into a message that was needed to complete the missing link to helping other women who asked the question, “What about me?”

So she started a lifestyle blog called Your Stylish Ways (YSW). YSW infused fashion and cooking content, with self-care tips and inspiring profile stories to offer women ideas on how to apply self-care activities into their own lives.

The Robert Morris University graduate found the answer she sought to move on her mission to motivate women wanting direction on how to engage in a self-care lifestyle.

Some of the AWARDS Ola have won include:

  • Talk Magazine Woman of Distinction
  • Pittsburgh Black Media Federation Legend Award
  • SBA Business Champion Award
  • The New Pittsburgh Courier Woman of Influence Award
  • Robert Morris Alumni Award
  • Ebenezer Church Woman of Distinction Award
  • Negro Business & Professional Women’s Business of Woman of the Year

Visit her blog at http://www.YouStylishWays.com

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One thought on “Ep. 69 Ola Jackson: Inspires Women of Color to Engage In Self-Care

  • July 8, 2019 at 3:25 pm

    Good morning, Ms. Ola Jackson,
    I’m listening to your talk Podcast with D. Geneva Williams. I am 65 yrs wise and a grandmother of 4 handsome young men. I’m retired from the Milwaukee Public School Systems. As a Special Education Teacher Assistant. In 2014, I relocated back to South Carolina to take care of my elder mom and step
    father and Special Needs cousin I want to know what’s next for me now? I love meeting people and I can talk. I’ve done public speaking several times in my life. I’m confident and love to be involved but I want to do something that will make a difference to others, etc. Here’s a few of my interest:

    1. Love working with Special Needs Children with learning disabilities,etc.

    2. Encouraging elder/senior citizens in my church or in my community or in general as I meet them in grocery stores, etc.

    3. Hobbies, cutting out interesting articles for pasting in my book of memories (scrapbook)

    4. Gym (YMCA) in my area to workout for body toning and releif from stress, etc

    5. Reading, sketching whenever I have the time to do them…calling up long time old friends, etc.

    6. Listening to inspirational music..followed by meditation whenever ( time consuming)

    7. Taking pictures of exciting things like : birds, old aging trees that tells a story, old buildings. tall building and festivals, and bird watching whenever I can

    8. Lastly, searching the Internet and the Classified Ads for lucrative or good prospects of investing in a business that will keep others pain free and feeling good .

    This is a business that has caught my interest and doing some research of my own about it as well.
    I’ve in the herbs field for 25+ years for my self family and friends. I have heard about this herb for more than 20+ years in the herbs arena. Now this herb has hit the market within the past 4-5 years and/ is Exploding! It is called The CBD Oil Business. The Cannabis Investors Group/Cannabis
    Industry. Have you ever heard of it and what do you suggest that I do? What’s next for me now? Five years from now I’ll be 70 years wiser! Hahaha! Am trying to get something more that moves me. Thank you for your support. And my favorite jewry is Black Onyx. And I collect gem stones, especially the Onyx. Miss Bj (Seeking/searching) 🙂


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