Trevor Otts: The Impactrepreur, Making a Difference and Making Money

Trevor Otts is a passionate online marketer.  He is a Marketing Coach, Advertising & Brand Expert. He believes, “THE WORLD HAS BEEN WAITING FOR YOU, THE MAKE-A-DIFFRENCE-PRENEUR, THE IMPACTPRENEUR, THE GET-IT-DONE-RIGHT-PRENEUR!” 

Trevor Otts has been called the Billion Dollar Brand Man, the Profit Pioneer, and an Automation Apostle. He prefers Marketing God. You can take your pick. He is as brazen as he is brilliant. Trevor is the automation and marketing mastermind behind some of the most remarkable sales, business and thought leaders in the world. With a revolutionary formula of cutting-edge technology, sales methodology and global reach, he has devised campaigns that have generated multiple millions of dollars for his clients. He recently introduced his ground-breaking Evergreen Revenue Model to market, teaching business leaders how to join the ranks of renowned brands like Netflix and Apple with universal impact and wealth.

Hear Trevor’s passion. Hear this show. Hear Trevor talk, here’s a sample:

“I am a #BlackCEO because I am a black father. As such, I now have a responsibility to leave my son more than my life insurance policy; I must leave him my legacy. I have a responsibility to show him what a leader is. I have a responsibility to show him that his success, his freedom, his destiny is predicated upon his decision and his courage to chart his own course in this world. I want you to really think about your responsibility to something that is greater than you.  They need your expertise. They need your success. They need your legacy.” 

His motto: GO AUTOMATED OR GO GET A JOB! This show will ignite YOU to impact!

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