Melodye Hunter: Productivity Tools and Tips for Busy Leaders

Whether you work in a corporate office, small production house, or as a freelance creative running your own company, chances are you have a lot to do. As a Creative Leader, many times you a have multiple projects to work on, clients to find, bills to manage, research to do, meetings to go to, and more. If we aren’t careful, time can get away from you and you can find ourselves not accomplishing all that we hope to during the day.

Melodye Hunter is the “Chief Creative Officer” of Melodye Hunter Creative. Besides running the business, creating websites and other branding creative projects – she’s a wife and mother of three.  She’s a woman with a vision on a mission and she’s on top of it.  She has created a tool that has helped her and she wants to share it with the world.

Tune in and hear her tips and learn about the productivity tools she uses to get things done!




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