Bennie Randall Jr. : How to Tell Your Story to Inspire and Lead Others

Bennie Randall Jr. aka The Motivator is the CEO of Bshani International Inc. specializing in media properties includingfilm, television, and personal development products. He is the best selling author of “The Inner Power To Create Your World” and “The Powerful Mind” and several other books. Over the last 20 years he has spoken at Fortune 500 companies and coached thousands of entrepreneurs around the world.

Bennie is the founder and CEO of several digital properties, and will be launching and new digital radio station platform Dec 1, 2016 called http://home/devserver/public_html/DrGenevaSpeaks.BshaniRadio.com

BshaniBusiness.com – a private online entrepreneur community with 20,000 subscribers and growing.

BshaniBooks.com – a digital download website where you can find all his products and products from other speakers

FatherFlow.com – a online community dedicated to everything about Fatherhood.

Bshani.com – where feature films, short films and media production is created.

BennieRandall.com – his personal development site for business & life coaching where it all started from

Bennie says his mission in life is to inspire a billion people to regain their inner greatness and unlimited power of self.


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